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Publisher: Devil's Due
Issue Date: September 2007
Series: Storm Shadow
Issue Number: 5

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Storm Shadow is hired by the German Secret Service to help investigate several murders that the killer used a sword and a specific technique. Storm Shadow is able to track down a sword maker which leads to the killer, an android programmed to fight like a samurai warrior. Storm Shadow is able to defeat the android because he is a master of a very specific sword technique called the "long priest robe cut."

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Notes of Interest

Major Players

Storm Shadow Storm Shadow's friends: Inspector Loehmann.

Additional Characters: Ernst Strellner (deceased), Samurai warrior android (deceased)

Creative Team

Written by: Larry Hama, Drawn by David Hueso, Colors by Gabe Eltaeb, Lettered by Crank, Edited by Mike O'Sullivan, Design by Sean K. Dove, Cover by Kalman Andrasofszky & Stephane Peru

Full Details

At a morgue in Berlin, Germany, Storm Shadow is listening to Inspector Loehmann describe how the latest victim in a string of murders has been killed. The victim, a street person and drug addict, has been bisected from right clavicle to the left side pelvis and in just one stroke. Storm Shadow was brought in because of his expertise in swords. As he inspects the cut he discovers that the technique used was called "the high priest robe cut". Storm Shadow continues to explain the high priest robe cut. When the diagonal cut through body is performed perfectly the victim can hear the wind blowing through the cut before the upper half slides off the bottom half.

The next day they visit the site of another murder victim which is at a train station. Standing in the crowd is very tall man with a hood over his head. As Storm Shadow inspects the body he realizes that this was a final test of a high grade samurai sword. And that in order to do that cut on this victim the attacker would have to be very tall. He approaches the tall man standing in the crowd to ask him a question, but the tall man flees towards an on coming train. He dives through one window into the train and out another window on the other side. Storm Shadow begins the chase by jumping up on top of the moving train. The tall man exits the train station and steals a motorcycle. Storm Shadow flips up in the air to grab his head, which snaps off. The tall man rides away on the motorcycle. When Storm Shadow looks at the helmet it is completely empty.

Later after some more investigating, Storm Shadow arrives at a microwave TV tower. He is expecting to find the last student of the last master of Falling Leaf School of Martial Arts. Once he reaches the top of the tower, he finds Ernst Strellner preparing a crate. As Storm Shadow approaches Ernst, he causes an explosion that blows a hole in the top of tower. He then pushes the crate out and jumps. A witness at the bottom explains that the box that was inside the crate rolled away after it landed and that Ernst could be heard saying "I hear it".

Ernst had been cut in half by the high priest robe cut in mid air by whatever was in the crate. Hence why Ernst could be heard saying "I hear it".

Well, Inspector Loehmann was up in Ernst's lab she discovered several experiments that Ernst was working on. The major one was an android soldier with the moral codes of the samurai. An additional clue she discovers leads them to the Brandenburg Gate.

At the Gate, they sneak on to the top. Once up there, they discover the android samurai. He immediately attacks firing his built in gun, Storm Shadow dives to cover Loehmann pushing her towards the edge. Storm Shadow calls out the android for using a gun when he should be using the sword. So the android puts away his gun and pulls out his sword.

The android begins his attack Storm Shadow is able to counter every move. And then he jumps up in the air and performs a perfect high priest robe cut against the android. The android realizes that he has been defeated and his last words are "I hear it…the wind" just as his upper body slides off and falls to ground at the bottom of the Brandenburg Gate.

Summary by Josh Eggebeen