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Publisher: Devil's Due
Issue Date: July 2007
Series: Storm Shadow
Issue Number: 3

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In Tokyo, Storm Shadow is tied upside down with Tiffany right in front of him. Pale Peony takes her away as Storm Shadow escapes. In order to track down where she has taken his niece he consults his aunt, the Hard Master's wife. And she discovers the information from an old adversary that she dispatches with a brick. Storm Shadow is off to New York City.

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Notes of Interest

First Appearance of Storm Shadow's Aunt, the Hard Master's wife, Obake-Obaason. Storm Shadow is referred to as Tomisaburo.

Major Players

Storm Shadow Storm Shadow's Family: niece Tiffany, Aunt Obake-Obaason

Storm Shadow's enemies: Margarita Shiro aka Pale Peony, Jilf Sgrobe & the Client, Kondo-Oyabun, Pale Peony's nephew (unnamed) and her deceased men: Utada-San, Baka-Inu, Goro and Jiro

Creative Team

Written by: Larry Hama, Drawn by Mark A. Robinson, Colors by Renato Faccini, Lettered by Brian J. Crowley, Edited by Mike O'Sullivan, Design by Sean K. Dove, Cover by Sean Murphy, Thanks to Joshua Fritz for production assistance.

Full Details

In Tokyo, Storm Shadow is hanging from the ceiling upside down with both his hands and his feet tied. He has finally found his niece Tiffany, who was kidnapped by Pale Peony. He has been beaten by several of her Yakuza men, lead by Utada-San. They want to know where the Morning Light is. He refuses to give the information, but Tiffany blurts out that she knows where it is at and she will tell them if they stop beating him.

Pale Peony takes her outside the room and Utada-San leaves also. One of the loud mouthed Yakuza men named Baka-Inu pulls his sword to kill him. But Utada-San tells him to leave him alive and in a condition which he can talk. Baka-Inu then thrusts at Storm Shadow. Storm Shadow grabs the blade right out Baka's hand with his teeth, swings up cuts his feet free and then lands on them facing Baka. Two additional Yazuka attack him from behind and still with his hands tied he easy defeats and kills them. He sticks the sword into the ground cuts off his bindings and then counters Baka's attack. Storm Shadow comes out of the exchange clean and Baka has his pants and shirt all cut up. Giving him a way out Storm Shadow backs off but Baka attacks again and Storm Shadow finishes him. He then grabs his uniform from Pale Peony's nephew who has been standing in the corner watching in dumb struck amazement. Storm Shadow jumps in a cab and heads for a kid's museum in Asakua

In a later meeting, Utada-San is sitting with Kondo-Oyabun, a very elder man, where he explains what Storm Shadow did and he finishes by saying "The kid claimed she knew where something called "Morning Light" was and…" Kondo just shoots him dead. He picks up the phone and says "my granddaughter is making a move to keep Morning Light for herself. We have to take drastic action."

Storm Shadow is walking through the kid's museum in his ninja costume with sword and he is actually mistaken for a costumed ninja, the kind that dresses up to amuse kids. He does a magic trick, where he disappears, which allows him to sneak into the haunted house ride. Once inside a very elderly lady sits next to him. This is a secret meeting between an aunt and nephew. The Hard Master, Storm Shadow's mentor and Uncle was thought to be killed by Storm Shadow but it was discovered that it was actually Zartan. And Storm Shadow is now sitting next to the Hard Master's widow. Her name is Obake-Obaason. He reassures her that Morning Light is safe and uncompromised. And she replies that the Russian's know more then he expects and not to underestimate Pale Peony.

As he is exiting the ride, he comes into contact with the real costume ninjas of the museum, he does a card trick that impresses the ninjas and crowd and then just leaves.

In Moscow, Tiffany is talking directly to Jilf Sgrobe & the Client over a video chat line. She asks for a Faberge Egg from Hermitage. In return for the information she has on Morning Light. The Client informs Pale Peony about Storm Shadow's roof top hide away in New York City, where they plan to meet.

On the street, Kondo-Oyabun is walking with his grandson, Pale Peony's nephew, they are talking about the Arashikage Ninja myth. He informs him that the Morning Light is an ancient blade that has great mystical powers. He tells him that Pale Peony is going to New York City on forged passports and that he needs to follow her. Kondo wants Morning Light. After his grandson leaves, Obake-Obaason confronts Kondo. She makes a reference to how Tommy had been bad but now he is good and that Kondo's kids are just bad. Kondo retorts with "You may have married into a ninja clan, but your family has been nothing but Bricklayers for generations." As he fires his gun at her, she dodges and hits him in the head with her purse, knocking him out cold. She has a brick in her purse. She then calls Tommy to tell him that Pale Peony and Tiffany are on there way to New York City.

Summary by Josh Eggebeen