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Publisher: Devil's Due
Issue Date: June 2007
Series: Storm Shadow
Issue Number: 2

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In Moscow, Storm is hunting for his niece, Tiffany. He follows Pale Peony into Lubyanka in order to find out more information on the Client that is holding Tiffany. He takes out many of the Russian guards after he steals a file information of the identity of the Client.

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Notes of Interest

Cap. Bulgokov is a different character then the same namesake that appears in Marvel Special Missions #1.

Major Players

Storm Shadow Storm Shadow's niece Tiffany. Storm Shadow's enemies: Margarita Shiro aka Pale Peony, Jilf Sgrobe & the Client, Cap Bulgokov. Additional characters: Police officers Ivan & Nadia, Russia guards Boris & Igor.

Creative Team

Writer: Larry Hama, Drawn by: Mark A. Robinson, Colors: Renato Faccini, Lettered by: Brian J. Crowley, Editor: Mike O'Sullivan, Design: Sean K. Dove, Cover: Sean Murphy, Thanks to Joshua Fritz for production assistance.

Full Details

In Moscow, Storm Shadow arrives without any weapons. After visiting a knife shop, he is assaulted but easily dispatches them. Jilf Sgrobe is talking with The Client; he is concerned about his identity being discovered. Sgrobe reassures him that his file is completely safe hidden inside a secret room in the most secure building in Moscow, the Lubyanka the old KGB building.

Tiffany, Storm Shadow's niece, is being held in room with two Russian guards, Boris & Igor, inside Detsky Mir the biggest toy store in Russia and it is also the office of Sgrobe.

A couple of police officers are driving when they apparently hit a pedestrian. When they get out to investigate their accident, Storm Shadow knocks them out and steals a uniform.

At the Lubyanka, hundreds of police officers and Spetsnaz soldiers are surrounding the Lubyanka to prevent Storm Shadow form gaining access. A Captain Bulgokov escorts Pale Peony to the secret sub basement where the Client's identity files are being held. Storm Shadow just appears as they pull the file. Peony and Bulgokov attack Storm Shadow. Peony actually does well against Storm Shadow but he escapes out the main door locking them inside. As he turns around, a five man squad of Spetsnaz has him at gunpoint. Storm Shadow jumps above them coming down in the middle of them easily taking them all out. Peony and Bulgokov get out the room and find the four bodies of the Spetsnaz team. After some investigation they discover the fifth member without his uniform.

Storm Shadow is able to just walk out of the Lubyanka with the file disguised as a Spetsnaz soldier.

Back in Sgrobe office, Peony reports that Storm Shadow has stolen the Client's secret file. She knows how to draw Storm Shadow to them and it will happen in Tokyo.

Summary by Josh Eggebeen