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Publisher: Devil's Due
Issue Date: May 2007
Series: Storm Shadow
Issue Number: 1

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The group I.R.I.Z. is searching for Morning Light. They hired Pale Peony to get the information from Storm Shadow. She has kidnapped a little girl named Tiffany, who calls Storm Shadow her uncle. Storm Shadow has to investigate the group to find Tiffany, discovering that the Night Creeper Leader is in charge and located in Moscow. Storm Shadow goes to save Tiffany in Russia.

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Alternate Covers

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Notes of Interest

Storm Shadow's birthday is June 6th, place of birth USA. Introduction of the I.R.I.Z. (International Research Institute of Zurich). Introduction of Adam, a kid who grew up in Cobra's Springfield. Reappearance of the Night Creeper Leader.

Major Players

Storm Shadow Former Cobra: Crystal Ball, Night Creeper Leader New Storm Shadow's associates: Tiffany, Adam New Storm Shadow's enemies: Margarita Shiro aka Pale Peony, Jilf Sgrobe, Olga, Magic Moe & the Client

Creative Team

Writer: Larry Hama, Artist: Mark Robinson, Colors: Renato Faccini, Letters: Brian J. Crowley, Editor: Mike O'Sullivan, Design: Sean K. Dove, Cover: Sean Murphy, Thanks to Joshua Fritz and Timothy Straub for production assistance.

Full Details

Inside the German U-boat submarine at the Science & Industry Museum in Chicago, Storm Shadow is surrounded in the cramped space by three men with taser guns. Margarita, their leader, is holding at gunpoint a little girl named Tiffany. Margarita wants information from Storm Shadow on Morning Light. Storm Shadow refuses to give out any information and the men attack as Margarita escapes with Tiffany.

In a bowling alley, Jilf Sgrobe is talking to his client. The client is over weight and has a blond ponytail. He has two beautiful female bodyguards, one is named Olga. Sgrobe reports to him that they were unable to get any information on Morning Light, but that they have negotiation abilities with the capture of Tiffany. The client shows Sgrobe the surveillance video of Storm Shadow killing the three men left behind as Margarita escaped. The group I.R.I.Z. (International Research Institute of Zurich), which both Margarita, Sgrobe and the men Storm Shadow killed all work for, has been hired by The Client and he is very disappointed. He demands Morning Light or at least some information on where it is at.

Somewhere in Chicago, Margarita, with Tiffany in the room listening, is talking with the leader of I.R.I.Z. The leader is former Night Creeper Leader. The Leader is passing on to her that the client is demanding information on Morning Light. Margarita points out that Storm Shadow is now in the custody of the Chicago police. But Storm Shadow has broken out of the police station completely disabled the Chicago Police's computer system. They assume Storm Shadow allowed himself to get arrested so that he could gain access to their computer files to discover who Margarita's men were. But Night Creeper Leader has discovered some information about Storm Shadow, his name: Thomas, Place of Birth: USA, Birth date: June 6. They then talk about how mysterious their client is and wonder what Morning Light actually is. After the conversation is over Margarita turns to Tiffany to interrogate her, Tiffany being a stubborn little girl doesn't say anything other then "You just wait. Uncle Tommy's gonna kick your butt." Margarita is then interrupted by a call telling her that Storm Shadow has just been given the name of Magic Moe.

Near Lake Shore Drive in Chicago, Storm Shadow has snuck in and surprised computer hacker, Adam. A kid who grew up in Cobra's Springfield and did a little extra work for the long deceased Dr. Venom. Adam helps Storm Shadow discover that Margarita is working for I.R.IZ. And that two of the men he killed were former Night Creepers. They also discover that Margarita has a more famous name, Pale Peony. She is half Russian and half Japanese and her father is a Yakuza gang leader and one of the top operators for the I.R.I.Z.

Storm Shadow then goes hunting for some facts. He visits a restaurant called Moscow-ya, which leads him to Magic Moe. And Magic Moe is tricked into giving up the information Storm Shadow needs on Pale Peony.

In Zurich, Crystal Ball and Night Creeper Leader are talking about Storm Shadow. Night Creeper Leader talks about how difficult Storm Shadow is to capture and that Crystal Ball wouldn't stand a chance against him. But they are bringing Tiffany to Crystal Ball so he can get all the information they need out of her. And they are in need of information on their client.

In Moscow, the client reveals to Sgrobe that Margarita is actually one of his agents and that he has confirmed that Storm Shadow is on his way to visit them.

Summary by Josh Eggebeen