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Publisher: Devil's Due
Issue Date: September 2006
Series: G.I.Joe: Special Missions
Issue Number: 2

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Special Missions: Tokyo Jinx goes looking for her old boyfriend Budo with the help of Wild Bill, Clutch, Rock 'n' Roll and Gung Ho. She discovers Budo as he appears to have become a turn coat against the Joes, but in the end he reveals that he has been working undercover and saves the day and is reunited with Jinx.

Juliet Sparks has been on the hunt for the missing Joe that Major Bludd has claimed to have killed. The last remaining unaccounted for member of the team is Recondo. Being old friends he visits Sierra Gordo the last known place Recondo was seen alive to discover if it is true.

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Notes of Interest

Two Stories, 48 pages, $4.95 cover price.

Data Desk Dossier Files: Budo, Jinx, Rock 'N Roll, Clutch, Wild Bill, Recondo Recondo is added to the KIA list.

Major Players

Special Missions: Tokyo Joe Team: Jinx, Budo, Gung Ho, Rock 'N Roll, Clutch, Wild Bill, Joseph Colton, Sparks Cobra: Armada, Iron Grenadiers Tatenokai (The Shield Society): Hayatu Toba (deceased), Yukio Mishima (deceased) Juliet Joe Team: Recondo, Sparks, Joe Colton Cobra: Major Bludd The Tucaros

Creative Team

Special Missions: Tokyo Writer: Rob Rodi, Penciler: Tim Seeley, Inker: Robert Q. Atkins, Colorist: Jean-Francois Beaulieu, Colorist: Dave Bryant, Letterer: Brian J. Crowley, Editor: Mike O'Sullivan Juliet Writer/Editor: Mike O'Sullivan, Penciler: Mike Bear, Inker: John Lowe, Colorist: Rob Ruffolo, Letterer: Brian J. Crowley, Thanks to Phil Kost

Data Desk Handbook Writer: Sam Wells, Mike O'Sullivan, Artists: Tim Seeley, Robert Q. Atkins Special thanks to Dan "Counselor" Billings for research assistance Cover: Tim Seeley, Cliff Rathburn, Brian Buccelato

Full Details

Special Missions: Tokyo Jinx returns to her home in Japan after a one year assignment. She discovers in her mail a package from estranged boyfriend Budo.

In a message, he explains that he broke up with her as a way of protecting her. He has discovered a secret society of samurai that are devoted to over throwing the current elected government. And he has been able to infiltrate himself into a very trusted position. He then explains some of the history of Tatenokai - The Shield Society and why they are going try and over throw the current government. This society is currently lead by Hayatu Toba, a follower of Yukio Mishima's, Mishima created the Tatenokai 40 years ago and is now deceased. Toba is a former parliamentarian that quit and started a weapons manufacturing company, when Japan re-established its armed forces. Toba's plants have been operating at maximum capacity but the sales have been unimpressive. Basically, producing more then it is selling by an alarming degree. Budo ends the message asking for help and that he needs it immediately.

Jinx sends the information to Sparks and General Colton over at The Rock. Since the information is out of date, Colton and Sparks become suspicious about what Budo has gotten himself involved in. Colton chooses to support Jinx in finding Budo. So they gather together the only Joe reserves that are in the area, Clutch, Rock 'n' Roll, Gung-Ho and Wild Bill, not the best options for infiltrating a Japanese organization.

Wild Bill and Gung-Ho dressed in Armani show up at a scheduled meeting with Toba. Toba has no intention of continuing the meeting but Wild Bill with his big Texas personality keeps the meeting going until Clutch and Rock 'n' Roll show up as competitors for Toba's business. The four Joes immediately get in an argument that is threatening to turn into a full fledged brawl and security is called. Basically, the fight is a diversion so Jinx can sneak into the building, which she does successfully.

Jinx takes out a couple of security guards and makes her way to the main holding area, where she discovers Toba's army of soldiers, tanks, helicopters and artillery.

Budo discovers her and Jinx immediately hugs him and he doesn't return the hug. As she explains what she is about to do, Budo hits her on the back of her head, knocking her out.

Later, all the Joes along with Budo and Toba are in a room with Jinx tied to a chair. Toba proceeds to ramble on about Bushido and the way of the samurai. And that Jinx's discovery of the army has pushed the time table of the coup up, and his army is now currently making it first appearance in the streets of Japan. He then goes on to talk about how he started, funded and organized his army with the help of a representative of MARS, Destro's company. Armada steps into the room. Toba immediately realizes that he has been doing business with a non-Japanese company and orders the recall of all his forces. In return Armada shots and kills Toba. All of sudden Budo has disappeared and the lights are out. The Joes start fighting the Iron Grenadiers that showed up to support Armada. Armada is knocked down by one of Toba's supporters, and the Joe take off of to stop the army.

Out in the streets, Toba's army has started its attack, but the news of Toba's death is sent around the army and a fight between soldiers starts. Budo during his time undercover has been able to convert many of the soldiers to his way of thinking. And as Budo shows up, dressed in his Samurai uniform, takes control of the entire army and stops the military coup. Jinx also reveals that Budo, let her in on the secret plan, before he knocked her out.

At the end, the four Joes head off laughing leaving Budo and Jinx to restart their romance.

Juliet The Joe team received a report from Storm Shadow that Major Bludd had killed a Joe. Sparks was put in charge of discovering if this claim was true, several of the members were slow in responding. But all were discovered alive but one. Recondo.

Sparks and Recondo had become great friends through their love of reading. They spent a lot of time reading together and then talking about those books. Sparks felt it was his responsibility to discover if Major Bludd's claim was true.

In Sierra Gordo, at a Tucaros village, Sparks has begun his investigation. The Tucaros have a long history of helping the Joe team and Recondo has become an adoptive member of the clan. So it is a natural place to begin.

One of the village elders explains what happen to Recondo. Major Bludd had come to the village; once Recondo discovered Major Bludd was there a fight erupted between the two. Part of the village was destroyed and after a long fight it came down to a knife fight near the edge of a tall waterfall. Using his bionic hand, Major Bludd got in a face breaking punch that nearly knocked out Recondo. As Recondo's back was turned Bludd plunged the knife into his back and kicked him off the cliff into the water pool below. Bludd remained in the village for sometime, preventing the Tucaros from helping Recondo in time to save his life. They buried him in a cave near the waterfall. Major Bludd had claimed the life of another Joe.

Sparks reports back to The Rock and General Colton on his discovery that Major Bludd's claim is true. Colton understanding Sparks friendship with Recondo, reassures him that the Joe team will catch Major Bludd and leaves Sparks to his own at his computer console.

Just as Sparks is about to leave, he receives a message.

Sparks - Sorry to leave you in the dark. No chance to brief Tucaros about you. They hated lying, but knew this ruse was vital: if Bludd/Cobra think me dead, they may slip up. When they do, I'll be there. Mark me deceased in the data desk, and keep this between us. Consider me GI Joe's secret weapon. Be well, Alex - - R Ps January 31. Providence. Waterfront Patio. Juliet's potion. I'll prove you wrong.

This message is welcome news to Sparks, because it proves that Recondo did survive the fight. And the post script confirms that his friend is alive by referencing a previous trip they had taken together and book they had discussed. So Sparks marks him as deceased in the data desk, even though he knows his friend is alive.

Summaries by Josh Eggebeen