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Publisher: Devil's Due
Issue Date: February 2006
Series: G.I.Joe: Special Missions
Issue Number: 1

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Special Missions: Manhattan A reserve team of Joes are called to duty to assault a building in New York City. This building contains an old toxin that Cobra created that a recent terrorist group has gotten hold of. This small Joe team is successful in capturing Neurotoxin and the virus. Brother's Keeper In order to even the score between brothers, Blackout kills several Cobra agents that were planning on capturing a commercial airplane that his brother Barrel Roll is flying. P.E.T.S. Shipwreck's Polly is having a dream where all of Joe animals are fighting all of the Cobra animals with Crystal Ball in the middle.

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Alternate Covers

New York City Comicon exclusive cover.

Notes of Interest

3 Three Stories. First Appearance of Neurotoxin and Sparks. Data Desk Dossier Files: Airtight, Beach Head, Cover Girl, Low Light, Mercer, Sparks, Tunnel Rat, Barrel Roll, Blackout, Neurotoxin GI Joe Reserve List, including a deceased list.

Major Players

Special Missions: Manhattan

Joe Team: Airtight, Beach Head, Cover Girl, Low Light, Mercer, Tunnel Rat, Stalker

Additional Joe Appearances: Gen. Colton, Sparks, Flint, Roadblock, Shipwreck, Storm Shadow

Cobra: Neurotoxin

Brother's Keeper Joe Team: Dwight Stall (Barrel Roll) Cobra: Thomas Stall (Blackout)


PETS Joe Team: Leader: Shipwreck Polly (Shipwreck's Parrot), Junkyard (Mutt's Dog), Order (Law's Dog), Max (Spearhead's Bobcat), Timber (Snake-Eyes' Wolf), Lamont (Widescope's Dog), Freedom's Eagle, Deep-Six's Dolphin, Dusty's Coyote

BEASTS Cobra Team: Leader: Crystal Ball Raptor's Falcon, Undertow's Barracuda, Voltar's Vulture, Hydro-Viper's Manta Ray, Snow Serpent's Dog, Serpentor's Cobra, Croc Master's Crocodile, Gnawgahyde's Boar, Cobra Coils' Snake, Sand Viper's Iguana, Desert Scorpion's Scorpion

Additional Appearances: Roadblock, Scarlett, Stalker, Snake-Eyes, Storm Shadow.

Creative Team

Special Missions: Manhattan Writer: B. Clay Moore, Artist: Jeremy Haun, Colorist: Dave Bryant, Letterer: Brian J. Crowley, Editor: Mike O'Sullivan Brother's Keeper Writer: Mike O'Sullivan, Artist: Tim Seeley, Colorist: John Rauch, Letterer: Brian J. Crowley

P.E.T.S. Story by: Sam Wells, Sean Dove, Mike O'Sullivan and the rest of the Joe-Kers at Devil's Due, Art: Sean Dove, Ross Lowery, Stefano Caselli & Daniele Rudoni, Letterer: Brian J. Crowley

Data Desk Handbook Pages written by Sam Wells and Mike O'Sullivan. Art by Jeremy Haun, Tim Seeley, Dave Bryant, and John Rauch. Design by Evan Sult. Cover: Jeremy Haun and Dave Bryant. Graphic design by Evan Sult; assistance by Sean Dove.

Full Details

Special Missions: Manhattan Beach Head, Cover Girl, Low Light, Mercer and Tunnel Rat are called up from the reserve list in New York City. A group of terrorists have taken control of an old Cobra facility where a particular nasty toxin is being stored.

Tunnel Rat is guiding the team through the building toward where the terrorists are holding up. Mercer at one point is sent to clear a floor, where he is attacked by Neurotoxin. Neurotoxin is one of the last remaining Cobra leaders that can gather together enough Cobra forces to cause serious trouble. He knocks out Mercer and heads to where the terrorists are holding the virus he helped creates.

As the team approaches the terrorists, Tunnel Rat cuts the power to floor where they are holding up and Low Light takes them all out. But they are too late; Neurotoxin has already stolen the toxin from the terrorists. Mercer, after recovering, catches up to Neurotoxin holding him at gun point as the rest of the team catches up. Neurotoxin releases the toxin he is holding as a last ditch effort to take out several Joes.

Later in a containment room, the Joe team and Neurotoxin are waiting to die from the release of the toxin. Airtight and Stalker walk in and break the news to the team. Everything had been a set up. Airtight had released news of the toxin being still held at the old Cobra facility in order to flush out Neurotoxin. The toxin that was released was a fake. The GI Joe team had accomplished its mission of capturing a major Cobra agent, although unknown to them at the time.

Brother's Keeper Silently, Thomas Stall, Blackout has just broken the neck of a man sitting towards the back of a large commercial airplane in international airspace. He then sneaks up behind another man; covering his victim's mouth he then kills him by inserting him with a deadly drug. Blackout then returns to his seat, wear he then drops some liquid drug in the man's drink who he is sitting next too. He dies also.

Dwight Stall, Barrel Roll, has just finished landing the same plane; he is currently working as a commercial airplane pilot. He receives a phone call from his brother Thomas, who was just killing the Cobra agents on the same flight. Blackout then proceeds to tell Dwight that he has just stopped a Cobra attack on his brother's airplane. He has now cleared a debt he owed his brother. Blackout finishes the conversation saying "next time we meet, it won't be as Dwight and Thomas Stall, and it'll be as Barrel Roll of GI Joe and Blackout of Cobra. See you around little brother."


Shipwreck and the rest of the Joe team are about to be hypnotized by Crystal Ball. A just in time rescue happens by P.E.T.S. (Primal Emergency Tactical Squad). P.E.T.S is a collection of many of the GI Joe animal companions. This team includes Polly, Junkyard, Order, Max, Timber, Lamont, Freedom's Eagle, Deep-Six's Dolphin and Dusty's Coyote. They attack Crystal Ball but his defense is to call in B.E.A.ST.S. (Brute Enforcement and Slithery TerroristS). B.E.A.S.T.S. is Cobra's answer to P.E.T.S. and a battle between the groups of animal companions begins.

Watching TV Roadblock and Shipwreck are hearing Polly say "squalk ' take that loser ' squalk ' Yo Joe ' squalk ' Your going down ' squalk". Roadblock wonders what Polly dreams about. The whole rescue of Shipwreck by P.E.T.S. was dream by Polly.

Summaries by Josh Eggebeen