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Publisher: Devil's Due
Issue Date: May 2007
Series: G.I.Joe: Special Missions
Issue Number: 4

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Special Missions: Brazil A Joe team of Claymore, Mainframe, Wet Suit, Leatherneck and Dial Tone are on a mission tracking down Headman and his Headhunters. The mission isn't a success nor is it a failure, but they feel it was unaccomplished. Years later an opportunity arises to correct it and this time Firewall joins the team in place of the deceased Mainframe and Headman is finally captured.

Prelude to a Kiss Cover Girl and Shipwreck's romantic relationship plays out over the years in flashbacks as they are currently on mission to stop a Cobra enclave from kidnapping a Senator in Rio de Janeiro.

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Notes of Interest

Two Stories, 48 pages, $5.50 cover price.

Data Desk Dossier Files: Claymore, Dial-Tone, Leatherneck, Mainframe, Headman Re-appearance of Rashid (Marvel GI Joe #58)

Major Players

Special Missions: Brazil Joe Team: Claymore, Dial-Tone, Mainframe, Wet Suit, Leatherneck, Firewall Additional Joe Appearance: Gen. Colton, Sparks, Lift Ticket Cobra: Headman Additional Characters: Mr. Asikainen, Rashid Prelude to a Kiss Joe Team: Cover Girl, Shipwreck Additional Joe Appearances in flashback: Clutch, Roadblock, Barbecue, Spirit Additional Characters: Senator Prahl

Creative Team

Special Missions: Brazil Writer: Sam Wells, Pencils: Valentine De Landro, Colors: Garry Henderson with Tysheia Stevenson, Letters: Brian J. Crowley, Editor: Mike O'Sullivan Prelude to a Kiss Writer/Editor: Mike O'Sullivan, Pencils: Pat Quinn, Tim Seeley, Colors: Peter Sofronas, Letters: Brian J. Crowley

Data Desk Handbook Written by: Sam Wells, Mike O'Sullivan, Art: Tim Seeley, Chris Summers Special thanks: Timothy Straub and Joshua Fritz Cover: Valentine De Landro, Pat Davidson and Paitreau, with assists by Tim Seeley

Full Details

Special Missions: Brazil

Rio Negro Amazonaz, Brazil. Then.

Claymore, Dial-Tone, Mainframe, Wet Suit and Leatherneck are on an observation mission but don't have the intention of keeping it just observational. Mainframe is stationed across the river from the factory warehouse that is their target. Dial-Tone and Claymore are taking cover right at the main entrance and Wet Suit and Leatherneck are below the dock that is next to warehouse. Wet Suit has placed C-4 explosives on the columns of the dock.

A boat arrives with a businessman named Mr. Asikainen and two bodyguards. He exits the boat and enters the warehouse. Inside waiting is Headman (see Marvel #124); he is the leader of the Headhunters, a gang of drug dealers that are buying with cash vital information on the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) operations in Brazil.

The Joes decide to make an advance on the meeting. Just as they start additional Headhunters show up to causing the Joes to back off and try to sneak away. But a Headhunter spots Claymore and attacks. Claymore is unsuccessful taking him out silently and his mistake gives away the Joes presence. Mr. Asikainen takes off to get in the boat with the cash and never gives Headman the information.

Below, Wet Suit decides to blow the explosives even though he and Leatherneck aren't clear. When the dock blows up Claymore and Dial-Tone are able to escape into the river and swim to the other side to meet up with Mainframe. Wet Suit is trapped under the rubble and Leatherneck frees him just as the remaining Headhunters discover them and attack. But they quickly escape. The mission is a success in that they stopped the transaction but they all feel like they failed because Headman and Mr. Asikainen got away.

The Rock, GI Joe Headquarters. Now.

Sparks receives a video message from Mainframe. Mainframe died in the second Cobra Island Civil War (see Devil's Due GI Joe #25). Sparks, very surprised, listens as Mainframe informs whoever is listening about the mission they were on in Brazil that although listed as accomplished, wasn't completed. He had set up contingencies that would notify the team members if the situation ever heated up again. General Colton arrives to help figure out what to do. But since the Brazil team has already mobilized and is doing an unauthorized incursion. Colton decides to leave them on their own. Sparks does inform Colton that Cover Girl and Shipwreck are also in Brazil but on vacation.

In Brazil, Claymore, Leatherneck, Wet Suit and Dial-Tone have gather to plan their mission when a grown up Firewall, dressed in similar uniform to Mainframe, shows up to help support them in same way Mainframe, her mentor, did on the previous mission many years ago.

And she was able to track the source of Mainframe's contingencies; they head to small computer repair store on the outskirts of town. When they enter they are introduced to Rashid (see GI Joe Marvel #58) who is a computer expert and another grown kid Mainframe was amentor to. Rashid had been keeping tabs on Mr. Asikainen and Headman all of these years. He then gives them the location of the new meeting.

At a different warehouse, Headman is making the exchange happen quickly, Mr. Asikainen takes his cash and gives Headman some new secret information. Leatherneck, Firewall and Dial-Tone have been watching form up in the rafters of the building, as Wet Suit and Claymore are outside. Mr. Asikainen then speeds away as Headman orders his Headhunters to fire on the Joes in rafters. Headman has known about the Joes and has just used this meeting as trap for the Joe team. Leatherneck saves Firewall as they all return gun fire. Headman's Headhunters are quickly taken out and his backup fails to appear when he calls for them. He makes a run for it but Claymore is there to stop him. Wet Suit was able to capture Mr. Asikainen. All are taken in custody.

The Joe team goes to head home and Wet Suit says "Mainframe may not have lived to see this... but even from his grave, he made sure we could. Mission Accomplished, buddy. Mission Accomplished"

Prelude to A Kiss

Currently in Rio de Janeiro, Shipwreck is hold down a Cobra Viper as they watch his girlfriend Cover Girl beat up several Vipers in order to gain information about a hostage they are holding.

In Flashback: The Maiden Voyage (after the battle for the new Cobra Island, Marvel #41) Shipwreck, Roadblock and Barbecue are returning from battle as Spirit and Cover Girl organize The Pit. Shipwreck walks right up to Cover Girl and asks her out, she straight refuses and returns with an insult. Shipwreck goes into full blown dramatics about how she just sunk his battleship. Roadblock and Barbecue carry him away in a fake full blown cry. Cover Girl watches him go as she hides a nervous very amused smile.

Out on a Cobra Hydrofoil, Cover Girl disguised as a Cobra Lamprey and Shipwreck disguised as an Eel are beating up several Eels and Lampreys. They capture the leader and Cover Girl begins to interrogate him, again asking where the hostage is located. Cover Girl is very pissed that Shipwreck took her on vacation to Rio and then told her about the Cobra kidnapping. She is taking out her anger for Shipwreck on the Cobras.

In Flashback: Laying the Keel (after the battle of Springfield, Marvel #51)

Cover Girl is repairing her Wolverine tank. Shipwreck approaches and offers to help instead of going out on his R & R leave. She accepts the help but tells him straight up that his helping her won't get him a date. His response is "Going out with you would be pure torture". Then they proceed to fix her tank.

In Flashback: Dry-docked (just before the last scene of the last issue, Marvel #155)

The Joe team has been disbanded and the team members are all going their separate ways. Shipwreck again approaches Cover Girl asking her what she is going to be doing. She says some recruiting for Uncle Sam and he asks if he can get a goodbye kiss. She says in response "Nice try salty dog... Tell you what... If you ever manage to beat me in one of our poker games... then and only then will I kiss you." He agrees and they hug a good bye hug.

In Flashback: X marks the spot (sometime during Devil's Due Volume 2)

Shipwreck, Cover Girl, Spirit and Clutch are playing poker and Cover Girl has just lost to the much improved Shipwreck. When Spirit reminds them about the bet they made so many years ago. Cover Girl agrees and goes to kiss Shipwreck but he turns away at the last moment. Shipwreck gets up and leaves the table saying "This isn't how it's gonna happen. When we finally kiss, it'll be because you want to kiss me". Clutch then tries to get the kiss that was supposed to go to Shipwreck

Cover Girl and Shipwreck have just rescued the hostage, a Senator Prahl from Cobra. They saved the day, but Cover Girl is still pissed that they spent their vacation leave fighting Cobra. With all his charm Shipwreck points out that it was a heck of a better time then just sitting on the beach. Cover Girl smiles and agrees. Then they say I love you and walk off. But Cover Girl gets in the last parting shot, "Now you get to make all of this up to me... where going shopping in Rio." Shipwreck says "AAAAARRRRGH, where are the Cobras when you really need them."

In Flashback: Hoisting the Sails (just before Devil's Due America's Elite #1)

The much smaller Joe team has been cut down to 8 members, Shipwreck is still part of the team, and Cover Girl isn't. They have just come from a very funny play in Times Square, New York City, that Cover Girl invited Shipwreck too. As they walk Cover Girl stops him and dips him as they kiss (reminiscent of the very famous kiss of the sailor and the nurse celebrating V - J Day in 1945 in Times Square, only in reverse). They walk off a new happy funny couple.

Summary by Josh Eggebeen