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Publisher: Marvel Comics
Issue Date: December 1987
Series: Special Missions
Issue Number: 8

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LOCATION: Southeast Asia near Thailand
The Joe team is sent by a manipulative CIA agent to capture or kill a traitor who has defected over the border with a secret computer chip.

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Notes of Interest

The individual Special Mission issues influence on the main series fluctuates from being a completely separate story to having a minor influence or is a direct continuation from the regular Marvel series.

First Appearance of CIA Agent Anderson.

Major Players

Main Mission Joes: Beach Head, Flint, Footloose, Leatherneck, Low Light, Tunnel Rat, Wet Suit
Support Joes: Duke, Lift Ticket, Wild Bill

Special Missions Only Characters: CIA Agent Anderson, Theron Portland

Creative Team

Writer: Larry Hama,
Art: Herb Trimpe,
Lettering: Phil Felix,
Coloring: Bob Sharen,
Editor: Bob Harras,
Editor in Chief: Tom DeFalco.
Cover Artist: Mike Zeck and Bob McLeod

Full Details

Flying in a super silent airplane, the Joe team of Beach Head, Flint, Footloose, Leatherneck, Low Light, Tunnel Rat and Wet Suit are preparing to parachute out into the jungle of Thailand. CIA Agent Anderson is briefing them on their mission. He has given them the preplanned drop site as well as the ambush site for a convoy and their extraction route. He then proceeds to talk directly to Low Light giving him a photo of his target, Theron Portland. Portland is traitor and a spy, he was working at a secret surveillance site when he stole the computer chips and skipped across the border. Low Light's mission is to extract Portland and if he determines him to be unextractable he needs to be rendered "unoperational". Anderson then gives the team two radios and asks that they give a radio squelch when they make contact at the ambush site.

With Beach Head on point the team moves out on long hike to the ambush site. Along the way they investigate the radios that Anderson gave them and find inside a part that they are unfamiliar with. Low Light expresses his concerns about how he feels Anderson is setting up the Joe team. Flint then orders everyone to prepare for the ambush. Once they are in position they wait. And wait.

Finally, a kid on a water buffalo comes down the trail singing. And right behind the kid is the convoy. The convoy they where assigned to ambush is actually an armored column and the Joe team is way out gunned and numbered. The leader of the column shoots the water buffalo in order to clear the trail. Doing as order Wet Suit gives the radio squelch, the radio immediately begins to make a screeching noise giving away the surprise of the ambush. Wet Suit has to destroy the radio to get to stop.

Tunnel Rat, Leatherneck and the rest of the Joes begin to fire at the column, but with the column's fire superiority the Joes are quickly pushed back. Low Light gets Portland in his sites just as he is about to fire; Portland escapes from the column into the jungle. He then heads off on his own to catch Portland. The other team radio begins to screech, but Footloose takes out the odd part and saves the radio. Flint calls for a retreat with Footloose, Tunnel Rat and Leatherneck covering the rear.

As Low Light is chasing after Portland, he spots the leader of the column, who is about to shoot the kid and takes him out with one shot on run.

The Joe team is much faster then the column's soldiers and easily make a clean escape to the extraction point, where they call Wild Bill.

As the extraction chopper shows up, Low Light, alone, comes running to the chopper with the column's soldiers chasing him. As he is pulled into the chopper he asks "Where is Anderson?"

An explanation by Wild Bill sums up the mission. CIA Agent Anderson had set up the mission to fail from the beginning. Portland was meant to defect with the chips. The ambush was to give him credibility as a turned asset and the Joes meant to fail. Anderson then asks what happen with Portland. Low Light had refused to kill an unarmed man begging for his life and left him behind. Anderson laughs saying that he expected Low Light to do that. But what he didn't expect was for Low Light to steal the chips, which he did. So the Joes accomplished their mission, but caused Anderson's manipulative mission to fail.

Summary by Josh Eggebeen