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Publisher: Marvel Comics
Issue Date: February 1987
Series: Special Missions
Issue Number: 3

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LOCATION: Somewhere in the Middle East
Joes Stalker, Leatherneck and Crank Case assault a Middle East air force base in order to get Slip Stream to a Russian YAK-36, VTOL a vertical take off and landing, airplane that they are stealing.

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Notes of Interest

The individual Special Mission issues influence on the main series fluctuates from being a completely separate story to having a minor influence or is a direct continuation from the regular Marvel series.

Major Players

Main Mission Joes: Crank-Case, Leatherneck, Slip-Stream, Stalker
Support Joes: Ace

Special Missions Only Characters: Deke (deceased), Colonel Sharif's Army: Col. Sharif (deceased), Cap. Habib (deceased), Sgt. Abdul, Yossef

Creative Team

Writer: Larry Hama,
Art: Herb Trimpe,
Lettering: Phil Felix,
Coloring: Bob Sharen,
Editor: Bob Harras,
Editor in Chief: Jim Shooter.
Cover Artist: Mike Zeck

Full Details

Somewhere in the Middle East, Stalker, Leatherneck and Slip Stream are eating with an American jetfighter mercenary named Deke. Deke, a veteran American MIG killer pilot, was shot down and spent 3 years as POW. After returning to the States he couldn't get a job flying and Colonel Sharif, the local leader, is paying good money for pilots, so Deke signed up. The meeting was set up so Deke could give the Joes a map with all of Colonel Sharif's SAM (Surface to Air Missile) sites, as well as the current where bouts of aircraft storage, airplane equipment and maintenance crew housing. In return, Deke takes a stack of cash. Leatherneck warns Deke to stay away from the air base tonight. The local shop owner over hears the conversation and calls the authorities.

In Colonel Sharif's office, Captain Habib reports that his spy has informed him of the meeting Deke had with the Americans. Colonel Sharif orders Deke to be detained, questioned, shot and the Americans found.

Back at a garage, Crank-Case is hard at work at modifying a van for their coming assault.

At police headquarters, Cap. Habib is beating Deke in order to gain information on the location of the Americans. Deke refuses to give any information and Sgt. Abdul continues to beat him. Finally, Cap. Habib threatens to poke out his eyes and Deke gives up the location of the Joe's garage. After the verbal confession, they want Deke to sign a written confession. So Sharif unties him, tells him there is one secret SAM site and calls him a coward. Deke kicks Sharif in the head, smashes a chair over the guard and then makes his escape.

At the garage, the finishing touches of metal plating and self sealing tires are added to the van, over the radio Stalker gives Ace all the SAM coordinates, Ace initiates air attacks and Colonel Sharif's men show up outside the garage. Busting out Leatherneck shoots a grenade into an armored personnel carrier (APC) that jams up the road as Crank Case speeds away. A car chase happens with other APC's in hot pursuit. The Joes get some help from the Royalists as they destroy the APC's in pursuit, Stalker response is "It always pays to call ahead."

High above the airfield, Ace is leading a large bomber and fighter force. They are taking out the SAM sites, and preparing to bomb the airfield.

The Joe team busts the gates of the airfield and as they close on their mission goal, the van's engine is damaged, so they have to go on foot. Elsewhere at the airfield, Deke has made his way to a fighter jet.

The Joes mission has been to get Slip Stream to a Russian YAK-36, a Russian version of the American Harrier jump jet. But the one problem is that the hydraulics where pulled for repair. So Slip Stream comes up with the idea of putting the Yak-36 in one of the large cargo aircraft called the Super Condor. As the American Air Force is dropping bombs on the airfield, the Super Condor is able to take off with all aboard.

Colonel Sharif sees the Joes taking off and takes command of the last secret SAM site. Deke having gotten in an unarmed MIG comes up next to Slip Stream, waves to them and then kamikaze style crashes his plane into Colonel Sharif's last SAM site. Deke dies as does Sharif to save the Joe team.

Summary by Josh Eggebeen