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Publisher: Marvel Comics
Issue Date: December 1986
Series: Special Missions
Issue Number: 2

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LOCATION: Greenland
Team Members Alpine, Airtight, Snow Job and Breaker are sent to investigate a German WWII bomber that contains an old nerve toxin lethal enough to kill thousands if released.

LOCATION: Argentina
A second team of Clutch, Roadblock, Recondo and Dial Tone are sent to make a deal with an old Nazi Doctor who has information on how to neutralize the nerve toxin in the bomber.

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Notes of Interest

The individual Special Mission issues influence on the main series fluctuates from being a completely separate story to having a minor influence or is a direct continuation from the regular Marvel series.

First appearance of Dial Tone in any Joe comic.

Major Players

Greenland Team: Airtight, Alpine, Breaker, Snow Job
Brazil Team: Clutch, Dial Tone, Roadblock, Recondo
Support Joes: Hawk, Lift Ticket

Cobra: Firefly

Special Missions Only Characters: Doctor Otto Von Totenschadel (German Doctor), Hans (German Nazi assistant), Ibraham (Mossad Israeli Intelligence)

Creative Team

Script: Larry Hama,
Art: Herb Trimpe,
Lettering: Phil Felix,
Coloring: Bob Sharen,
Editor: Bob Harras,
Editor in Chief: Jim Shooter.
Cover Artist: Mike Zeck and Dennis Janke

Full Details

Hawk is briefing Alpine, Snow Job, Airtight and Breaker on a mission to Greenland. An old German Condor WWII Bomber has been discovered half hanging out the side of a glacier. The world wide news of the discovery flushed out an old Nazi doctor, Otto Von Totenschadel. The doctor claims that the bomber contains a nerve toxin strong enough to kill thousands if it is released into the air, only he knows how to deactivate it. He has been hiding in Argentina and wants to stop hiding. He is willing to make a deal in return for the information on deactivating the toxin. But it has to be kept secret from his fellow Nazis.

Clutch, Roadblock, Recondo and Dial Tone are already in Argentina staking out the Doctor's hide out. The place is surrounded by fencing, spotlights, search towers, dogs and machine gun emplacements. This is a very secure Nazi compound run by the Sons of Nazis organization. The Joes have to sneak in there to make a deal with the good doctor. A group of banditos appears behind them, but Recondo immediately recognizes them for being Mossad, Israeli intelligence and the leader Ibraham is a Moroccan Jew. The Joes are forced to drop their weapons, which they do. Recondo starts talking about the deal they are going to make with Doctor Otto when Roadblock hits him, completely knocking him out. Recondo is then covered with a poncho as it begins to rain.

In Greenland, Lift Ticket drops off the team at the top of the glacier. Alpine and Airtight repel down to the bomber as Breaker and Snow Job stay above as support. Just as Alpine and Airtight get to the bomber a Cobra HISS tank with Firefly in the turret along with several vipers arrive on the horizon headed straight for them.

Doctor Otto is a very bad man, he was in charge of the poison gas chambers at different Nazi concentration camps and instrumental in creating the nerve agent called Sarin-Plus, a nerve toxin that will neutralize a grown man in seconds, a very excruciating way to die. Ibraham explains that Mossad has been after this guy for years and he deserves to die for all the pain and suffering he has caused. The Joes tell him about the bomber and its gas and the deal they have to make in order insure that the toxin isn't released. They notice that Recondo has disappeared from under the poncho.

In the rain, Recondo has been able to sneak past all of the guards and get to Doctor Otto, who is ready to make a deal. The doctor wants a sanctuary to live out his life. It turns out that Ibraham several years ago had gotten very close to catching him, so he ran into the current hiding place inside the Sons of Nazis compound, and he no longer wants to live there. So the deal is the Joes take him and his gold bullion, which he took from the Reich treasury, away to safe place where he can retire in comfort and peace, all in exchange for the procedure on disarming the nerve toxin in the bomber.

Back in Greenland, Snow Job and Breaker have to fight Firefly as they support Alpine and Airtight down below on the bomber. Using a grenade, they cause the HISS tank to fall over the edge; its driver is the last to clear and is hanging on the edge half way down the glacier, almost near the bomber. Inside the plane, Alpine finds the flight logs and begins reading them as Airtight quickly disarms the 40 year old very simple by modern standards arming system. The HISS driver starts shooting at them in the plane. As Alpine fires back, the driver falls but one of his shots ruptures one of the toxin tanks. Airtight quickly evaluates the toxin and since it isn't lethal until it mixes, he opens a value releasing into the wind the agent. It isn't deadly but it is flammable. Several Cobra snow troopers are repelling down, as Snow Job and Breaker bring up Alpine and Airtight. As the troopers reach the bomber one of their steal cleats sparks setting off an explosion that blows up the plane.

The Joes and Ibraham's forces assault the Nazi compound, having succeeded in defeating the defenses, they all meet up with Recondo and the Doctor inside. Dial Tone receives a message from Breaker in Greenland.

From the flight logs, Alpine tells the story of the downed bomber. There were two bombers, one landed because of a hydraulic failure, the other with the nerve toxin lands to support it. The pilot is the Doctor and he kills all of the soldiers takes the gold and leaves the plane with the gas behind. Then he goes to Buenos Aires where he lives a life of luxury until Ibraham found him. His fellow Nazis thought that he had been living a life of poverty and were harboring him without payment.

So the deal is off and the Joes and Ibraham leave the doctor behind. As they walk away, the Doctor is gun downed by his own fellow Nazis for treachery.

Summary by Josh Eggebeen