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Publisher: Devil's Due
Issue Date: May 2006
Series: G.I. Joe: Sigma 6
Issue Number: 6

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After becoming a finalist in the Shadow Kumite fighting tournament, Storm Shadow steals a computer chip but just as he is about to escape, Snake-Eyes shows up. Storm Shadow purposes a fight at the tournament to determine who gets the chip. After a hand to hand, sword to sword fight, Snake-Eyes wins and Storm Shadow gives up the chip.

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Notes of Interest

Six Issue Mini Series, Based on the Cartoon series playing on 4Kids TV.

Major Players

Snake Eyes vs Storm Shadow

Creative Team

Story: Andrew Dabb, Pencils: Chris Lie, Inks: Ramanda Kamarga, Colors: Rob Ruffolo, Letters: Brian J. Crowley, Editor: Mike O'Sullivan

Full Details

The Shadow Kumite is prestigious fighting tournament which is run by the Monks of the Crimson Lotus and for the last five years, the tournament's champion has been Tommy Arashikage, better known as Storm Shadow.

Again this year, Storm Shadow has advanced to the final round.

Later that night, Storm Shadow sneaks into Xeno Tech, using his electricity charged sword is able to steal the XT9 behavioral prediction chip. This chip is able to track any person's movements that are related to computers. And Storm Shadow has stolen it for Cobra Commander to use.

After Storm Shadow escapes from the building he runs into Snake-Eyes, his rival. Snake-Eyes has come to regain the chip. Storm Shadow purposes a duel for the chip at the Shadow Kumite tournament.

The Monks start the fight which is supposed to be a straight up hand to hand fight with no swords or suits. But both warriors are wearing their swords and suits.

So the fight begins. Storm Shadow has the advantage during the hand to hand, knocking Snake-Eyes down several times, but unable to completely defeat him. After many traded blows, Storm Shadow pulls out his nun chucks and attacks. Snake-Eyes is able to break the chain of the nun chucks with a throwing star.

Next out come the swords; the crowd goes crazy as the two fight. Storm Shadow using the electricity in his sword breaks Snake-Eyes sword. Almost at the edge of defeat, Snake-Eyes is able to steal the sword from Storm Shadow, do a quick move that knocks him to ground and points the sword right at Storm Shadow's neck. Storm Shadow is defeated.

Snake-Eyes jabs the sword into the ground right next to Storm Shadow's head ending the fight and sparing his life. Storm Shadow does the honorable thing by giving up the computer chip they were fighting over. And Snake-Eyes is the new champion of the Shadow Kumite

Summary by Josh Eggebeen