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Publisher: Devil's Due
Issue Date: April 2006
Series: G.I. Joe: Sigma 6
Issue Number: 5

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Long Range & Heavy Duty are sent to capture Cobra Commander in Japan. Heavy Duty sneaks into the meeting and his cover is blown. A fight between him and several BATS happens as Cobra Commander escapes out to the street. Long Range pursues him through the streets of the city. The Commander is able to escape.

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Notes of Interest

Six Issue Mini Series, Based on the Cartoon series playing on 4Kids TV.

Major Players

Heavy Duty & Long Range vs Cobra Commander Additional G.I.Joe Appearances: Duke Additional Cobra Appearances: Ninja B.A.T.s

Creative Team

Story: Andrew Dabb, Pencils: Chris Lie, Inks: Ramanda Kamarga, Colors: Rob Ruffolo, Letters: Brian J. Crowley, Editor: Mike O'Sullivan

Full Details

Long Range and Heavy Duty are informed by General Sato that Cobra Commander is holding a meeting in the town of Ibusuki, Japan. They then steal Snake-Eyes hover cycle and go after Cobra Commander.

Heavy Duty, disguised in a kimono, is standing outside the paper wall of the meeting room, doing a recon. Long Range is outside on the hover cycle as backup.

Heavy Duty accidentally falls through the walls blowing his cover. So Heavy Duty just opens fire on the BAT guards as Cobra Commander escapes out the backdoor.

Long Range and Cobra Commander begin a serious street chase, Cobra Commander fires missiles at Long Range which miss and Long Range, using his sniper rifle, knocks out the controls of Cobra Commander's car. Heavy Duty catches up to the stopping car.

Just as Heavy Duty is about to capture Cobra Commander, a Cobra plane comes out of no where to rescue the Commander.

Summary by Josh Eggebeen