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Publisher: Devil's Due
Issue Date: March 2006
Series: G.I. Joe: Sigma 6
Issue Number: 4

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Scarlett is doing bodyguard service for Prime Minister Vargas at a fashion show. By fooling Scarlett, The Baroness kidnaps Vargas. Scarlett then finds and rescues him from the Baroness and the Dreadnoks.

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Notes of Interest

Six Issue Mini Series, Based on the Cartoon series playing on 4Kids TV. First appearance of Dreadnok Machete.

Major Players

Scarlett vs Baroness Additional G.I.Joe Appearances: Duke, Hi-Tech, Long Range, Spirit, Heavy Duty, Snake Eyes, Tunnel Rat Dreadnoks: Buzzer, Torch, Machete Additional Characters: Prime Minister Vargas

Creative Team

Story: Andrew Dabb, Pencils: Chris Lie, Inks: Ramanda Kamarga, Colors: Rob Ruffolo, Letters: Brian J. Crowley, Editor: Mike O'Sullivan

Full Details

Scarlett has specifically been requested by Prime Minister Vargas to be his bodyguard at Le Charles Fashion Show in Central Park, New York City.

With much reluctance Scarlett agrees. Vargas tells her that he requested her because of her beauty. This really pisses Scarlett off because she is way more then a beautiful woman she is a soldier.

The Baroness has been watching Vergas and Scarlett and she puts her plan in motion. Scarlett then spots the Baroness across the room, follows her as she goes outside and gets in the car. Scarlett hails a cab and follows the Baroness leaving her post and Vargas behind. After several turns the Baroness heads down an alley, when the taxi makes the turn into the alley, it is a dead end, the Baroness has disappeared. Scarlett rushes back to the fashion show.

Meanwhile, the Dreadnoks, Buzzer, Torch and Machete, disguised as models walk out onto the runway, make a big scene and kidnap the Prime Minister.

By the time Scarlett returns the Prime Minister is gone. Realizing that she was tricked Scarlett heads back to the dead end alley, where she discovers that the wall at the end is actually just a projection trick and walks straight through it. On the other side, she finds a clue as to where the Prime Minister Vargas is being held, a wrapper from Lou Franks' hot dogs.

The Dreadnok Machete is an avid Lou Frank hot dog eater, and he left the wrapper there when they were setting up the projection.

Scarlett heads to the Lou Franks hot dog stand, which is right on the pier. As she arrives she sees the Dreadnoks standing watch outside where the Baroness is about to torture Vargas. Scarlett then fights with the Dreadnoks, Torch is left sinking in the water, and Machete and Buzzer are knocked out cold by punches and kicks.

As Scarlett enters the room where Vargas is tied to a chair, the Baroness attacks her, and barrel of gas is knocked over. As they fight to a stand still Scarlett is able to get the upper hand and throws the Baroness into the area near the gasoline barrel. The Baroness pulls out here gun and fires', using a miscellaneous piece of metal the bullet is defected into the puddle of gas starting a fire. This fire separates the Baroness from Scarlett and Vargas. As they escape the whole building blows up. The Baroness is not seen escaping, but Scarlett believes that she did.

Prime Minister Vargas apologizes for his comments about her just being a beautiful woman, Scarlett's response, "You're not the first person to underestimate me because I am a girl and you won't be the last. But now you know... and like they say: Knowing is half the battle."

Summary by Josh Eggebeen