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Publisher: Devil's Due
Issue Date: February 2006
Series: G.I. Joe: Sigma 6
Issue Number: 3

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Tunnel Rat has discovered Overkill's B.A.T. creation factory in Russia. He goes to investigate and is captured. Overkill confronts him but Tunnel Rat is able to escape from him. After fighting his way out, Tunnel Rat destroys the BAT factory.

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Notes of Interest

Six Issue Mini Series, Based on the Cartoon series playing on 4Kids TV.

Major Players

Tunnel Rat vs. Overkill, B.A.T.s and Ninja B.A.T.s

Special Appearances: Hi-Tech

Creative Team

Story: Andrew Dabb, Pencils: Chris Lie, Inks: Emily Stone, Colors: Ruffs, Letters: Brian J. Crowley, Editor: Mike O'Sullivan

Full Details

After some investigation, Tunnel Rat discovers that a Cobra B.A.T. factory is somewhere in Siberia, Russia.

Once he comes upon the base, he is quickly captured. Overkill, the BAT factory's manager, makes plans to interrogate him, quickly, not giving him a chance to escape or be rescued.

In his cell without his Sigma suit, Tunnel Rat is able to open an air vent and crawl out. The vent breaks and he falls into a group of BATS, who all shoot each other missing Tunnel Rat. As he is making his way through the factory, he is able to recover his Sigma suit and his mines. He then places mines around the factory, plus fights off many groups of regular BATS.

Overkill catches up to him, but Tunnel Rat is able to escape out a window. Moments later, Overkill controlling a huge BAT attacks Tunnel Rat. Rat is able to maneuver Overkill under the base, and then he blows the bombs inside the factory, collapsing it, and trapping Overkill in his giant BAT under the destroyed factory.

Tunnel Rat collects many of the BATS parts and heads home.

Summary by Josh Eggebeen