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Publisher: Devil's Due
Issue Date: January 2006
Series: G.I. Joe: Sigma 6
Issue Number: 2

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Spirit returns home to New Mexico to visit his family. The Klesh Staff, a local sacred artifact, is stolen by Zartan. After an extended battle across the desert, Spirit is able to capture Zartan and return the Staff.

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Notes of Interest

Six Issue Mini Series, Based on the Cartoon series playing on 4Kids TV.

Introduction of Spirit's Family.

Major Players

Spirit vs. Zartan

Special Appearances: Hi-Tech, Heavy Duty, Scarlett, Tunnel Rat

Spirit's Family: Jason Iron Knife (J-Dogg), Spirit's Mother, Uncle Mike, Spirit's Grandfathe

Creative Team

Story: Andrew Dabb, Pencils: Chris Lie, Inks: Ramanda Kamarga, Colors: Captaine Blitzkrieg, Letters: Brian J. Crowley, Editor: Mike O'Sullivan

Full Details

In Sagebrush, New Mexico, Spirit is returning home for a much needed leave. There is a welcome home party at his house that the entire town is attending hosted by his mother; also in attendance are his cousin Jason Iron Knife, nicknamed J-Dogg, his grandfather, and his Uncle Mike.

Uncle Mike and Spirit go out back to do some bow and arrow shooting; Spirit uses his uncle's traditional bow, instead of his enhanced Sigma 6 bow and arrow, and still outshoots his uncle. J-Dogg remains in the house playing video games.

A neighbor comes running up to the party, screaming that they have been robbed. A traditional sacred artifact called the Klesh Staff has been stolen. Klesh means snake in Navajo and this sacred artifact has been with the tribe for many generations. Spirit determines that no one has left the village, which means that whoever stole the Klesh Staff is at the party. He holds a test: speaking an English word and expecting the Navajo word in return. When he gets to an older man, the older man turns out to be Zartan in disguise. Zartan then makes his escape by stealing a dune buggy and driving off into the desert with Klesh Staff.

Spirit puts on his Sigma suit, which enhances his strength and speed 5 by times his normal abilities. The suit reads and understands the neuromuscular responses and then amplifies them making whoever is wearing the suit faster and stronger, plus it is bullet proof. As Zartan is driving off, Spirit takes off on foot to intersect Zartan; J-Dogg then follows on his own off road motorcycle.

After catching up to Zartan, Spirit uses his bow and arrow to destroy the dune buggy Zartan is in. They fight hand to hand, each getting in several blows with Zartan getting the upper hand. As Zartan holds a gun on Spirit, J-Dogg runs into Zartan with his motorcycle.

Zartan drops the Klesh Staff, J-Dogg retrieves it and Spirit sends him away. Another hand to hand fight starts, as a small dust storm erupts right around them, Zartan is slightly blinded, allowing Spirit to retrieve his bow and fire a shock arrow at Zartan that knocks him out.

Back in town, Spirit returns with the captured Zartan to a waiting Tunnel Rat and Heavy Duty to evacuate Zartan.

Later at the dinner table, Jason Iron Knife drops the nickname, and asks Spirit if he can show him how to use the bow and arrow. The Klesh Staff has been returned to the family.

Summary by Josh Eggebeen