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Argen 7 #2

February 2011

Cover A

Short Summary

The Joes along with the Argen 7 team are transporting a new satellite from the US to Argentina when they are attacked by the Argentina division of Cobra. After a fierce battle, the satellite is destroyed by a mysterious laser beam.

Notes of Interest

Data Profiles: Glenda, Redmack, TNT, Topson, Shimik, Sokerk, Manleh

The Action Force World War III Interludes Chronology

Major Players

Argen 7: Glenda, Manleh, Shimik, Sokerk, TNT, Topson

GI Joe: Hawk, Roadblock, Snake Eyes, Starduster, Storm Shadow

Cobra: Dr. Knox, Gatilho, Ninja-Ku, Relámpago, Urzor

Red Shadows: Red Laser, Wilder Vaughn (Black Major)

Creative Team

Writer: Jamar Miller
Artists: Robert Atkins, Kelly Ishikawa, Flavio Silvestri
Inks: Flavio Silvestri, Kelly Ishikawa Colourist: Flavio Silvestri
Letterer & Editor: Chris "Werecat" Chung (www.joesightings.com)

Long Summary

In Argentina several years ago (sometime before Marvel GI Joe #153)

The Major is communicating with a man dressed in red wanting reassurance that there will be no failure.

Headed in the direction of the man in red, GI Joe team members Starduster, who is driving, and Roadblock, who is riding shotgun, are driving the main vehicle in a convoy.

Argen 7 leader Glenda, who is driving in a car next to the convoy is, with Hawk as shotgun and Snake Eyes who is taking a nap in the backseat.

In the two Humvees at the front of the convoy are Argen 7 members TNT and Manleh in one and the other is Sokerk and Redmack. The one Humvee at the back of the convoy has Shimik and Topson.

The vehicle Starduster is driving the Joe team is delivering a one-time only gift of good will from the USA to Argentina of a new satellite and surveillance system.

An 18 wheeler driven by Cobra's Dr. Knox, with Ninja-Ku riding shotgun, pulls past the convoy and drops its ramp that two HISS tanks drive out of. They immediately blow up Sokerk and Redmack's Humvee just as the other HISS tank destroys TNT and Menleh's Humvee. All 4 members of the Argen 7 are able to escape. Glenda takes evasive action.

Roadblock climbs out of the cab of the convoy truck as Starduster literally runs over the HISS tank that destroyed Sokerk and Redmack's Humvee. Roadblock from the roof shoots apart the other HISS tank. But Dr. Knox's 18 wheeler smashes into the convoy truck knocking Roadblock over. Ninja-Ku jumps out of the 18 wheeler just as Starduster crashes his convoy truck into the 18 wheeler. Ninja-Ku sneaks up on Roadblock kicking him off the truck. Roadblock says "Damnit, They have ninjas down here too!" Glenda speeds up her car and Snake Eyes reaches out and grabs the falling Roadblock. He says to Snake Eyes "Thanks man! Did I ever tell you how much I love ninjas." Snake Eyes jumps out of the car and onto the convoy truck.

On top, Snake Eyes confronts Ninja-Ku. There is an old rivalry between the two.

In flashback: -- Argentina years before,
Snake Eyes has invaded a dojo and Ninja-Ku's home. Wearing a uniform that has a Cobra symbol on it, Ninja-Ku's first attack slices Snake Eyes. Ninja-Ku then flips backwards avoiding Snake Eyes sword thrust. Bragging about his past dealings with Snake Eyes master, the Hard Master, including the special secret he kept from Snake Eyes. Ninja-Ku using two swords against Snake Eyes' one is pressing the advantage, when a voice says "Back from him now, Ninja-Ku."

The voice is Storm Shadow, who is in his urban commando uniform with the white with grey camouflage markings, (Storm Shadow is a part of the Joe team at this point in time). Storm Shadow informs Ninja-Ku that he has just killed every single student of his dojo. In disgrace Ninja-Ku runs from his own dojo and home claiming he will get his revenge.

Back in the present, just as the two ninjas attack each other, a very powerful laser hits the convoy truck destroying the satellite and throwing both Snake Eyes and Ninja-Ku from the top of the truck. Dr. Knox's 18 wheeler is also knocked over in the blast.

Glenda and the last remaining Humvee, pull up to help the injured Snake Eyes and Starduster.

Off on the side of the road, 3 soldiers from Cobra's Argentina division, Gatilho, Relámpago and Urzor, arrive to retrieve the injured Dr. Knox and Ninja-Ku.

The satellite is completely destroyed and no one knows how or why it was destroyed.

On the hill above the road, the man in red reports in that the satellite has been completely destroyed by his Exterminator Laser cannon (For reference purposes this is basically Grand Slam's HAL). He wants permission to kill several targets of opportunity. The man in red is Red Shadow's soldier Red Laser and the voice that he is communicating with is Black Major or otherwise known as Wilder Vaughn. (To learn more about Wilder Vaughn read the DDP Rise of the Red Shadows trade paperback) Black Major refuses the request saying that the destroyed satellite will prevent anyone from discovering their operation and killing the Joes, Argen 7 or Cobras will only bring more investigations into the area.

The cannon is then packed up and flown away. Black Major informs Red Laser that he is leaving the base and head to Bulgaria to attend to some urgent business. (See Red Dawn #5, to find out what the urgent business is all about)

Summary by Josh Eggebeen

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