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Argen 7 #1

January 2011

Cover A

Short Summary

After a failed assassination attempt which is foiled by Glenda, TNT and Manleh of the Argen 7 team, Sei Tin runs into Ninja-Ku and Ninja Viper but before they can engage in battle they are order to stop and they do.

Notes of Interest

Data Profiles: Abutre Negro (Cobra General), Ninja-Ku (Cobra Ninja), Urzor (Enforcer), Sei-Tin (Cobra Ninja), Relámpago (Python Patrol Cycle Driver), Cobra Mortal (Cobra Elite Enforcer), Escorpiáo Voador (Cobra General), Cobra De Aco (Cobra Laser Trooper), Gatilho (Cobra Python Patrol Officer), Dr. Knox (Cobra Scientist), White Mortal (Mercenary), Cobra Invasor (Forward Assault Infantry)

The Legend of Uirapuru (Reprinted at bottom of page)

And a 3 page story titles "Training Pains" presented by Superfighter.com, (See summary at bottom of page)

Major Players

Argen 7: Glenda, Manleh, TNT

Cobra: Abutre Negro, Cobra Commander, Cobra De Aco, Escorpiáo Voador, Gatilho, Ninja Viper, Ninja-Ku, Relámpago, Sei-Tin, Storm Shadow, Urzor, White Mortal

Creative Team

Writer: Jamar Miller
Artist: Vanyo, Kelly Ishikawa, Robert Atkins
Colourist: Jamar Miller, Kelly Ishikawa
Letterer & Editor: James Marshall

Long Summary

Storm Shadow is talking to Cobra Commander through a video hook up. He explains that he failed regarding an assassination attempt. (See Battle Action Force #601, Assassin, also the BAF Coloring Project #3 sections) The Commander dismisses him and moves onto another operation.

In Argentina, Glenda and Manleh are watching the Secretary of Defense give a speech, when a massive cloud fills the room and a ninja in red jumps out slicing the Secretary across the chest and then runs away. As Glenda and Manleh approach, it is revealed that the Secretary is actually Argen 7 member TNT in disguise. And since he was wearing body armor he was saved from the ninja Sei Tin's sword slice. The ninja escapes to the roof as the police and Argen 7 members chase him. Sei Tin, flips over the approaching Manleh and knocks him out from behind.

On the roof of the building next door is Cobra laser trooper Cobra de Aco, who fires his laser at the incoming chopper causing it to crash.

After communicating with Cobra de Aco, Cobra Mortal, who is in the parking area at the bottom of the same building, has just beaten three police officers. He gets in his truck and is escaping as Cobra De Aco jumps in beside him.

Glenda comes upon Sei Tin just as he knocks out Manleh. Glenda, an expert in martial arts, then begins fighting Sei Tin and his sword. She dodges it, gets a quick hit in that knocks him down and then goes to capture him. But Sei Tin turns and jumps off the building's roof to dive into the water below.

Later in the mountains near the border between Argentina and Brazil, Sei Tin meets up with Ninja-Ku and Ninja Viper, who threaten to kill him. But they are ordered to stand down by Abutre Negro and Escorpiáo Voadar, each a co-leader of the South American Cobra Division. Standing with them are Urzor, Relámpago and Gatilho, who help gather the rest of the Cobra Invasors, along with Cobra Mortal and Cobra De Aco, to a rally point where they can begin an assault on the Argen 7 team.

Summary by Josh Eggebeen


The Legend of Uirapuru

An young Indian fell in love with another Indian from the same tribe who was already married and held a high status within the tribe. Obviously, the young Indian couldn't approach the married Indian outright so the young Indian asked Tupa (Tupa is the main god of the Brazilian indigenous tribes) to be turned into a bird so that it would be possible too at least see the love of his life from a distance and not be noticed. Tupa turned the young Indian into a bright red bird and the young Indian flew to where the married Indian was to sing at night to them.

However, the spouse noticed the singing and was so fascinated that they pursued the bird to cage it. The Uirapuru flew far away to the forest and the spouse got lost. During the night, the Uirapuru came back and sang to his lover. Every night thereafter the Uirapuru came back and sang, waiting for the day that his love may notice its singing and its spell. To this day the Uirapuru is considered a charm to obtain success in love.

Another Version

It's said in south Brazil, there was a indigenous tribe, whose chief was loved by two beautiful girls. He didn't know which girl he'd choose, so he promised to marry the one who could shoot the best. So the two girls drew their arrows, but only one hit the target and so the chief married the victor.

The woman who lost, named Oribici, cried so much that her tears formed a fountain and a stream. She begged to Tupa to turn her into a little bird so she could visit the chief without being recognized. Tupa made this happen. However, she realized that the chief loved his new wife and she flew away to the north of Brazil, reaching the Amazon woods.

To consulate her, Tupa gave her a beautiful singing voice. So, she sings to forget her sorrow, and now the only thing that you hear in the forest when she is near is the singing of Uirapuru.


Kings and queens covet a feather or a bit of Uirapuru's nest, as it's considered a precious charm. The man who owns a feather, says the legend, will be irresistible to women and will be lucky in business. A woman who has a bite of his nest will have a passionate, loyal lover for all her life. The lucky person who hears the song shall make a wish and it will come true.

The Uirapuru is a native bird of Brazil and the song of the Uirapiru, a bird which sings only for a few minutes at sunrise and only building its nest, is a song so rare and melodious that, according to legend, all the other birds stop singing to listen to it. In Indian mythology, it represents the king of love.

Also, according to the Maue Brazilian Indian legend, if you hear the Uriapuru's sing, you will have a very happy life. And if you get a feather you will live forever."


Superfighter.com Presents "Training Pains".
Written by Death Adder. Illustrated by Kelly Ishikawa

Hawk has called in a new boxing trainer named Bullet to aid in advancing the Joes street fighting techniques. Sitting in the group to be trained are Duke, Cutter, Roadblock, Barbecue, Spirit, Clutch, Leatherneck, Heavy Metal, Blowtorch, Dusty, Shipwreck, Tollbooth, Lady Jaye and Snake Eyes. Mainframe leans over to Dial Tone and makes a joke about Bullet's code name.

Elsewhere, Cobra Commander has been watching Hawk through a hidden surveillance camera. And he screams at Destro that he will not allow GI Joe to defeat him. So he sends out Cobra soldiers to capture three experienced fighters who will share their skills with his Cobra soldiers. Tomax, Xamot and Zartan make jokes about these fighters. As Cobra Commander introduces them, the largest one of fighters grabs him in a headlock. Cobra Commander orders the man be shot but the Joe team comes busting in along with Bullet to break up the meeting. Cobra Commander and Destro with the rest of the Cobra high command all escape.

Later at a party, the three captured fighters along with Bullet and many of the Joe team members celebrate a successful attack on Cobra. Scarlett, Quick Kick, Beach Head and Alpine also make an appearance.

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