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Toyfare 79
Short Summary

In a prison, Stalker is introduced to Snake-Eyes for the first time. Storm Shadow comes to release Snake-Eyes but instead Snake-Eyes escapes on his own leaving Stalker behind.

Notes of Interest

Also available with a Mego Toy cover.
An exclusive to Toyfare magazine 6 page introductory story that sets up the new GI Joe Reloaded series.
An interview with DDP president Josh Blaylock precedes the comic.

Major Players

The Joes: Snake-Eyes, Stalker (Lonzo)
Cobra: Storm Shadow
Additional Characters: Sabajanov

Creative Team

Story: John Ney Reiber, Art: Eddy Barrows

Long Summary

In a prison in Azbekistan, Snake-Eyes, unmasked and with an unscarred face, is doing hard labor breaking up rocks. He collects several small diamond shaped rocks in his mouth. Next to him is Stalker. A huge guy next Stalker wants him to bust up his quote of rocks. Stalker refuses and a fight starts. Stalker easily punches out the big guy but he isn't done. Snake-Eyes just looks the guy straight in the eyes. The big guy turns and runs. Stalker then walks up to Snake-Eyes and asks him his name.

Later, Storm Shadow riding in a Cobra helicopter arrives at the prison. He has made a deal with the prison's director, Sabajanov. A deal was made the American in the prison for warheads. And Storm Shadow has come to collect the American.

Inside the prison, Stalker is talking to the silent Snake-Eyes. He explains that he is on assignment. There are people in the prison that have information that the US government needs. Stalker is wondering if he will ever get the information he needs. He has been there a long time and doesn't see an end in sight. He also expresses how he is afraid of dying in the prison and that the US Government will ever coming back to get him. In his own cell Snake-Eyes is listening and making throwing stars from the rocks he found.

Storm Shadow enters the cell block to make Snake-Eyes an offer. He has found a service worth fighting for and it's called Cobra. The offer is to fight by his side and he will free Snake-Eyes from the prison.

Snake-Eyes using the throwing stars attacks Storm Shadow refusing the offer. Storm Shadow stands between Snake-Eyes and Stalker. Stalker screams at him to leave him behind, so Snake-Eyes does. Storm Shadow just looks at Stalker in his cell and just walks away.

Summary by Josh Eggebeen

Number 79, January 2004

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