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Publisher: Devil's Due
Issue Date: December 2004
Series: G.I. Joe: Reloaded
Issue Number: 10

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Beach Head is alone on the Cobra controlled island of Kauai. He has taken upon himself to inflict as much damage as one man can. The story is told as an after action report emailed to Mainframe.

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Notes of Interest

Chuck Dixon's first issue.

Mainframe makes a written first appearance.

Major Players

The Joes -- Beach Head Additional Characters -- Elmo Biggs (deceased), Francine Biggs (deceased) .

Creative Team

Story: Chuck Dixon, Layouts: Javier Saltares, Finished Pencils: Jason Millet, Inks: Andrew Pepoy and Cory Hamscher, Colors: Transparency Digital, Letters: Robin Spehar and Dreamer Design, Edits: Mark Powers, Graphic Design by Mike Norton, Military Consultation by Tilman Goins, Cover by Tim Seeley and Jeremy Roberts

Full Details

Beach Head has been left on the Cobra invaded and controlled island of Kauai after preventing a missile launch that would have killed thousands.

His mission, which he created for himself, is to cause as much distraction and damage to Cobra as he can do.

He has set an ambush for a Cobra patrol using a campfire. As they approach the fire, an explosion goes off and Beach Head takes out the patrol. He now has a Cobra uniform as a disguise, several guns (which he didn't have before), assorted hardware, cell phone, water, and food. The one thing he really needs are some medical supplies to help with the injuries he sustained preventing the missile launch.

As Beach Head searches for meds in a local neighbor filled with abandoned homes. He is attacked by a non-Cobra. It turns out to be a young girl, and her grandfather gets the drop on Beach Head. He then passes out due to the injuries.

Several hours later, Elmo Biggs and his grand daughter, Francine has helped Beach Head with his injuries. They inform him of the use of the internet.

And just as he is about to contact the Joes on the mainland, they are attacked by a Cobra patrol. After a gun and knife fight with the patrol, the last dying member calls in an air strike. Beach Head moves faster then the Biggs and is able to get to cover. The Biggs become two more casualties in the war between the Joes and Cobra.

This entire story is told in an after action report by Beach Head as an email to the new Joe, Mainframe. Mainframe responds with an email from Hawk directing him to continue guerilla operations, and that a new mission directive will be forthcoming.

Summary by Josh Eggebeen