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Publisher: Devil's Due
Issue Date: November 2004
Series: G.I. Joe: Reloaded
Issue Number: 9

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Thee re-captured Baroness is being taken by helicopter to Washington DC. The Omega Black Virus is in the hands of Cobra. Doc is the only one who knows how to fight the Omega Black Virus. Duke turns traito.

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Notes of Interest

The traitor is revealed. Writer John Ney Reiber's last issue.

Major Players

The Joes - Doc, Duke, Hawk, Lady Jaye, Rock 'n' Roll, Roadblock, Scarlett, Snake-Eyes, and Stalker. Cobra - Cobra Commander, Baroness, Destro, Major Bludd. Additional Characters - Major General Cross.

Creative Team

Story: John Ney Reiber, Pencils: Javier Saltares, Backgrounds: Jason Millet, Inks: Andrew Pepoy & Cory Hamscher, Colors: Transparency Digital, Letters: Dreamer Design, Editor: Mark Powers, Graphic Design: Mike Norton, Military Consultation: Tilman Goins, Cover: Tom Derenick & Jeremy Roberts

Full Details

Destro is furious with Cobra Commander about the captured Baroness, but Cobra Commander puts him in his place. At the same time a mysterious diver is swimming with the Omega Black Virus to an underwater Cobra submarine. Their plan is to launch missiles from the recently captured missile base on a Hawaiian Island that contains this virus.

Hawk and Rock 'n' Roll meet up with Snake-Eyes in a bar, where he scratches on a table "Tell no one" "Your Traitor is not me"

The rest of the Joe team, which includes Duke, Roadblock, Stalker, Lade-Jaye, Doc, and Scarlett, are traveling by helicopter with the captured Baroness to Washington DC. Doc is going to see the President about the Omega Black Virus. She is the only one known to have cured it when she saved Scarlett's family. Doc is really bothered by having the responsibility of being the only one to be able to fight the Omega Black Virus and its nasty zombie like death effects.

Major Bludd meets up with Major General Cross at his home. Cross is forced to show his loyalty to Cobra under threat.

As the helicopter carrying the Joes lands, General Cross is waiting with armed troops to attack the Joe's and rescue the Baroness. All the Joes are dumped from the chopper except Doc and Scarlett. The Baroness inside the chopper kills one of the regular Army guards, Scarlett then attacks the Baroness, Duke steps in and punches Scarlett several times defending the Baroness. Duke and the Baroness then prevent Doc from leaving and throw Scarlett from the chopper. Duke is revealed to be a Field Marshall in Cobra ranking even higher then the Baroness. Hawk and Rock 'n' Roll arrive on the scene to help support the Joes as the helicopter is taking off.

As the Baroness flies the helicopter off she fires a missile back at the Joes which kills Major General Cross. Duke and Doc are left in the back of the chopper. Duke talks about how he has done so many bad things for his country. He says that America created the Omega Black virus, and Cobra plans to unleash it on the civilians. Doc talks a little bit of reason into Duke, and Duke opens the door, gives Doc a fast rope and gloves, and she goes out the door to freedom. Duke is a traitor to his country and the Joes, and is now revealed to be a full fledged member of Cobra.

Summary by Josh Eggebeen