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Publisher: Devil's Due
Issue Date: October 2004
Series: G.I. Joe: Reloaded
Issue Number: 8

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The origin of the Baroness is revealed. The Joe team has captured the Baroness and are now on raft adrift in the ocean. The Baroness talks to one of the team members who is a traitor. Hawk is released from jail.

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Notes of Interest

The introduction of the Baroness' father.

Major Players

The Joes - Doc, Duke, Hawk, Lady Jaye, Roadblock, Scarlett, and Stalker. Cobra - Cobra Commander, Baroness, Storm Shadow. Additional Characters - President of Untied States, Baroness' father .

Creative Team

Story: John Ney Reiber, Pencils: Javier Saltares, Backgrounds: Jason Millet, Inks: Andrew Pepoy, Colors: Transparency Digital, Letters: Dreamer Design, Editor: Mark Powers, Graphic Design: Mike Norton, Military Consultation: Tilman Goins, Cover: Joe Benitez, Joe Weems & Jeremy Roberts

Full Details

The opening has a man in chains in dungeon. He has been imprisoned, starved, and tortured, all while his daughter (who will become the Baroness) is forced to watch. The Baroness' father tells his daughter to trust no one. The Baroness continues to live in the jail getting information from the prisoners in exchange for help with her father. After successfully gaining information from a particular prisoner, she discovers her father is gone.

The Joe team which includes Snake-Eyes, Scarlett, Stalker, Roadblock and Duke are adrift in the ocean on a raft. They have captured the Baroness, who was dreaming of her father in prison. The Baroness plays the love interest between Duke and Scarlett against each other as she plays verbal games with the team. The Baroness references a prior relationship with Duke that none of the Joes are sure if they can believe. Snake-Eyes is seriously ill.

That evening in the boat, the Baroness and one of the male Joes have a conversation in whispered tones about her escape. The only Joe to hear the conversation is Snake-Eyes.

Cobra forces have taken over the Hawaiian island missile base on Kauai, and the President of the United States is trying to determine if he should nuke the island to prevent any missile launches. An intelligence brief, informs him that the Omega Black virus was release in downtown Honolulu, and effects are yet to be determined. There is a reference to one previous outbreak of the Omega Black virus, which Scarlett's family were the victims. And the doctor who treated them, a Carla Greer "Doc", never existed.

The Joe team and the Baroness have washed up on shore, Snake-Eyes has disappeared, the regular Army has found them and taken them into custody. Snake-Eyes has left a one word message in the sand "Traitor".

Hawk has been released from jail, and is taken by gun point. The President has requested to talk to the Joe team personally about Cobra, and an "old friend" of Hawk's who is holding the gun on him wants him to keep the Joe from talking.

Storm Shadow and Cobra Commander have an argument over Snake-Eyes, and they bring up Scarlett's role in Snake-Eyes gaining all his scars. Storm Shadow also informs Cobra Commander of the Baroness capture.

The Baroness attacks her guards after the airplane lands in Washington DC. She shoots several of them, and shoots Duke in the leg. Just before jumping over the fence to safety, she speaks to Duke about kissing.

Summary by Josh Eggebeen