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Publisher: Devil's Due
Issue Date: May 2004
Series: G.I. Joe: Reloaded
Issue Number: 3

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In Washington D.C., the street battle between the Street Vipers and the Joes continues. The Joes are fighting to get back the stolen U.S. Constitution. Hawk and the Joes are set up to look like he stole the Constitution. Destro makes his first appearance. In which, he and Roadblock have an introduction and a face off.

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Notes of Interest

On-going series, 32 pages.

Major Players

The Joes -- Beach Head, Doc, Duke, Hawk, Lady Jaye, Roadblock, Rock 'N' Roll, Scarlett, and Stalker.

Cobra -- Cobra Commander, Destro, Street Vipers, and Street Viper leader Kingsnake.

Additional Characters -- The President of the US and Major General Cross

Creative Team

Story: John Ney Reiber, Pencils: Javier Saltares, Ron Lim, Jason Millet, Inks: Andrew Pepoy, Colors: Transparency Digital, Letters: Dreamer Design, Editor: Mark Powers, Graphic Design: Mike Norton, Military Consultation: Tilman Goins, Cover: Adi Granov

Full Details

The President is being advised by a Major General Cross. Cross is informing him of vehicles and materials found at the site of the National Archives, where the U.S. Constitution has just been stolen by Cobra. These vehicles and military information belong to Hawk. Cobra Commander calls General Cross, informing him that his 6 million dollars has been wired to his account. General Cross is setting up Hawk and the Joes to look like they stole the Constitution.

The battle with the Street Vipers continues in streets of Washington D.C. The small Joe team of Scarlett, Doc and Beach Head are dispatching their ambushers. Beach Head was shot three times, and has a shattered shoulder, but his TAC vest stopped nine slugs. Beach Head then proceeds to scare, by threatening to eat his ears, information as to where the Constitution is out of a captured Street Viper.

Stalker, Duke, and Lade-Jaye are cornered in an alley by a sniper. Lade-Jaye climbs up a pipe and Stalker follows. As they reach the roof, they discover that Scarlett and Doc, having left Beach Head with the Street Viper, have already captured the sniper. Hawk, Duke, and Rock 'n' Roll meet up with the rest of the group, where they are confronted with a helicopter spotlight and voice saying "you are under arrest for the crime of high treason, and conspiracy to steal the Constitution of the United States of America."

Meanwhile, Roadblock is chasing Kingsnake, the Street Viper leader, through the sewers of Washington D.C. He comes out of the sewers at Lincoln Memorial. Kingsnake is wearing an armor shelled vest that contains the stolen Constitution. Destro has been waiting at the Lincoln Memorial for the Constitution to be delivered to him by Kingsnake. And now Kingsnake has just lead Roadblock directly to him. Destro then uses a remote detonator to set of a charge in the vest, killing Kingsnake. Roadblock retrieves the undamaged vest before Destro can. Roadblock and Destro then have a face to face stand off. Where Destro recognizes Roadblock as his enemy, and then departs in a helicopter, Roadblock having let him go without a fight.

Summary by Josh Eggebeen