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Publisher: Devil's Due
Issue Date: March 2004
Series: G.I. Joe: Reloaded
Issue Number: G.I.Joe Reborn

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The GI Joe team is introduced, assembled, and formed. Hawk sends them on their first mission to protect and assault Mount Silver, an experimental weapons facility. The new terrorist threat Cobra has arrived before them and made off with the weapons, including a new powerful weapon, Black Dragon Six.

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Notes of Interest

One Shot, 48 pages.

Major Players

The Joes -- Beach Head, Doc, Duke, Hawk, Lady Jaye, Roadblock, Rock 'N' Roll, Scarlett, Snake-Eyes, and Stalker.

Cobra -- Firefly, Storm Shadow, Zartan

Additional characters -- Scarlett's Family -- Uncle Dan (deceased), Brothers Brian, Frank, and her father, Rock 'n' Roll's Girlfriend Minh (deceased)

Creative Team

Story: John Ney Reiber, Pencils: Joe Bennett & Javier Saltares, Inks: Ruy Jose & Andrew Pepoy, Colors: Transparency Digital, Letters: Dreamer Design, Graphic Design: Mike Norton, Cover: Tim Bradstree

Full Details

The Introductions:

Master Sergeant Conrad S. Hauser, Duke, is tied up and has been beaten by two Cobra soldiers. They give away some key information, and the Duke dispatches them.

Master Sergeant Shana O'Hara, Scarlett, is training in her family's combat training facility in Atlanta. Her Uncle Dan is poisoned and eventually dies; he runs security for the Center for Disease Control.

Sergeant Lonzo R. Wilkinson, Stalker, and Captain Allison R. Hart-Burnett are on a field mission to investigate a terrorist camp.

Petty Officer 1st Class, Navy Seal Craig S. McConnell is surfing under the Golden Gate Bridge with his girlfriend Minh when the Bridge is blown up killing Minh.

Snake-Eyes (no rank or name given) is sneaking into US Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases to spy on Scarlett.

Captain, Carla W. Greer, Doc, is helping treat Scarlett at the Research facility.

Master Chief, Wayne R. Sneeden, Beach Head, is recruited by Duke with a message from Hawk.

Gunnery Sergeant Marvin F. Hinton, Roadblock is undercover in a terrorist group called Sons of the Night. Rock 'n' Roll is also undercover inside the group and they meet for the first time.

Lieutenant Colonel Clayton M. Abernathy, Hawk, is in the Pentagon when Duke returns to discover that he is being impersonated by Zartan (although not mentioned by name or costume) and has retrieved key information about the newly forming GI Joe team.

Firefly (not named, either) is seen sneaking into the Medical Research facility also, and placing a bomb on a Humvee that Hawk, Scarlett, and Doc are walking towards. Snake-Eyes save them by shooting at them and helping them discover the bomb.

The story.

The team is officially assembled at there new base The Pit in Montgomery County, Maryland, after the previous random events. Their names and identities given up, and their records altered to make them into GI Joe.

Hawk sends them out on their first mission to Mount Silver, where the militia Sons of the Night and Cobra are already in the process of attacking the facility. As Scarlett, Stalker, Doc, and Beach Head drop from a helicopter. Snake-Eyes, always mysterious, follow behind them. Duke and Lade Jaye continue to fly the helicopter on to support Rock 'n' Roll and Roadblock who are still undercover and in the middle of the assault.

Storm Shadow makes his first appearance out of nowhere with a silent attack on Snake-Eyes.

And all of the Joes watch the Black Dragon Six, "Armageddon in a box" flies away.

Summary by Josh Eggebeen