G.I.Joe: Reloaded

G.I.Joe: Reloaded started the G.I.Joe series from scratch with a new continuity.

G.I.Joe: Cobra Reborn and G.I.Joe Reborn introduced this continuity in one shot specials in early 2004. Both G.I.Joe and Cobra Reborn shipped with incentive covers, available to retailers for a certain numbers of issues ordered.

Cobra Reborn
G.I.Joe Reborn
Cobra Incentive
Joe Incentive

G.I.Joe and Cobra Reborn led into the ongoing G.I. Joe Reloaded series, which started in March of 2004. The series had a six page preview in Toyfare 79 that was reprinted in the "In the Name of Patriotism" TPB.

Reloaded 1
Reloaded 2
Reloaded 3
Reloaded 4
Reloaded 5
Reloaded 6
Reloaded 7
Reloaded 8
Reloaded 9
Reloaded 10
Reloaded 11
Reloaded 12
Reloaded 13
Reloaded 14

G.I. Joe Reloaded Alternative Covers

G.I.Joe Reloaded also had some variant covers and second prints, shown below.

Reloaded 1B
Reloaded 1C
2nd Print 7B
2nd Print 8B
2nd Print 9B
2nd Print 10B
2nd Print 11B

Reloaded Trade Paperbacks

Cobra Reborn and G.I.Joe Reborn (as well as the six page preview story from Toyfare #79) were collected in the G.I.Joe Reborn Trade Paperback. The first six issues of Reloaded were collected in "In the Name of Patriotism."

Reborn TPB
In the
Name of

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