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Publisher: Marvel Comics
Issue Date: 1987
Series: Order of Battle
Issue Number: TPB

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Collection of Order of Battle issues 1 - 4.

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Notes of Interest

New profiles included: Jinx, Fast Draw, Chuckles, Lt. Falcon. Profiles missing but found in original series: RAM Motorcycle, Sgt. Slaughter, Rocky. The table of contents page numbering is incorrect for all profiles. It lists Ace on page 1, but the table of contents is on page 1 and Ace is on page 2 - so all profiles are off by 1 in the table of contents.

Major Players

See below.

Creative Team

Writer: Eliot Brown, Artist: Eliot Brown, Additional Art: Mark McKenna, Cover: Herb Trimpe, Colorist: Paul Becton, Colorist: Nel Yomtov, Designer: Barbara Johnston, Editor: Jack Morelli, Editor: Howard Mackie, Executive Editor: Tom DeFalco, Editor in Chief: Jim Shooter

Full Details

Reprints the contents of Order of Battle issues 1 through 4 with four new additions and three omissions. For the profile listings, see the individual issue pages:

Order of Battle 1
Order of Battle 2
Order of Battle 3
Order of Battle 4