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Publisher: Marvel Comics
Issue Date: May 1987
Series: Order of Battle
Issue Number: 4

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Pictures and specifications for Cobra and G.I. Joe vehicles.

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Notes of Interest

In the description of the Night Raven, reconnaissance is spelled reconaisance. Then in the description for the SHARC, reconnaissance is spelled reconnaisance.

Major Players

See below for vehicles that are featured in this issue.

Creative Team

Writer: Eliot Brown,
Artist: Eliot Brown,
Additional Art: Mark McKenna, Colorist: Paul Becton,
Colorist: Nel Yomtov,
Designer: Barbara Johnston,
Editor: Jack Morelli, Editor: Howard Mackie,
Executive Editor: Tom DeFalco,
Editor in Chief: Jim Shooter
Cover: Herb Trimpe,

Full Details

Vehicles Profiled:APC - (A)mphibious (P)ersonnel (C)arrier, ASP - (A)ssault (S)ystem (P)od, A.W.E. Striker - (A)ll (W)eather & (E)nvironment Vehicle, Bridgelayer - Temporary Bridge Carrier, Cobra HISS - (H)(I)gh (S)peed (S)entry, Cobra Hydrofoil - High Speed Pursuit and Attack Boat, Cobra Mamba - Attack Helicopter, Cobra Night Raven - S3 High Altitude Attack and Reconnaissance Aircraft, Conquest X-30 - Multi-Role High Performance Fighter, Devilfish - Riverine Warfare and Patrol Boat, Dragonfly XH-1 - Assault Copter, Dreadnok Swampfire - Covert Assault Air Boat, Dreadnok Thunder Machine - Heavy Forward Strike Vehicle, F.A.N.G. - (F)ully (A)rmed (N)egator (G)yro-copter, Firebat - Light Assault Jet, Hovercraft (Killer Whale) - Air-cushioned Amphibious Assault, Landing and Patrol Vessel, Mauler M.B.T. - (M)ain (B)attle (T)ank, MOBAT - (M)(O)torized (B)(A)ttle (T)ank, Polar Battle Bear - Skimobile, RAM - (R)(A)pid Fire (M)otorcycle, Rattler - Double-Seat, Ground-support, Attack Aircraft, SHARC - (S)ubmersible (H)igh-Speed (A)ttack and (R)econnaissance (C)raft Flying Submarine, Skyhawk - Vertical Take Off and Landing Assault Craft, Skystriker XP-14F - Combat Jet, Slugger - Self-Propelled Cannon, Stinger - Night Attack Jeep, S.T.U.N., Tomahawk - Heavy Lift Assault/Troop Carrier Helicopter, Vamp Mk II - Covert Desert Assault Vehicle, Water Moccasin - Strike/Patrol Air Boat, Wolverine - Armored Missile Carrier.By Steve Wagnon