Order of Battle

Unlike the yearbooks, the Order of Battle series was planned to only be a four issue limited series. They were all published within a 6 month period spanning from December of 1986 to May of 1987.

The first issue has bios of members of the G.I. Joe team in alphabetical order from A-L. The second issue covers the team members from M-Z.

Take a look at any of the issues:

Issue 1
Issue 2
Issue 3
Issue 4

Cobra, not being big enough to fill two comic books, is covered in the third issue. The fourth and final issue in the series covers both G.I. Joe and Cobra vehicles.

Also, at some point after the four issues hit the stores, Marvel published an Order of Battle trade paperback that contained everything that is in each of the four issues. In this book, everything is alphabatized together.

It apears that this series was originally going to be called G.I. Joe Universe. That name showed up on some checklists in Marvel comics around the time they debuted.

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