Action Force
Internasjonale Helter

Starting in 1988, publisher Bladkompaniet A/S began releasing G.I. Joe comics in Norwegian and using the Action Force name. These issues were printed in thicker, rougher paper, the colors are duller, and text is machine typed when compared to the American issues. The price for Action Force remained constant at 15nkr during all the issues.

The publisher of the comics, Bladkompaniet A/S, which is a well known comic publisher in Norway, had nothing to do with the release of the toys, so there was never any advertisements of the figures.

The issues were released 6 in 1988, 12 in 1989, 12 in 1990 and the final issue in 1991. The "very a strange numbering" is simply issue # and year. Example: The first issue that came out in 1988 was called "Nr. 1 - 1988", and the 6th was called "Nr. 6 - 1988".

Every issue of Action Force - Internasjonale Helter reprinted two of the American comics, mostly from the main run, but many from Special Missions. Personnel and vehicle files from Order of the Battle were included in the comics, usually between 1-3 for every issue. The files usually had a connection to the story in that issue.

Most of the character names have remained original, except for the name of the team. But here there is some inconsistency, where the team is called both Action Force and G.I.Joe.

In 1993, a publisher named Semic released a reprint of #133 for Hasbro BRIO, the company that imported G.I. Joe to Norway at that point. This issue was named "G.I. Joe" and has no number or date on the cover, like the previous Action Force comics had. This was the last comic published in Norway and G.I. Joe gradually disappeared from the toy stores from this point on.

Here is first & last issues of series available to view. Plus the 1993 comic.

Issue 1-1988
Issue 12-1989

Hear are the individual issues of series available to view.

1988 1 2 3 4 5 6
GI Joe & Transformers #2
1989 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

You can view all of the covers at once in the cover gallery and see which issues are missing.

Action Force Norway Cover Gallery

Information & Cover Scans courtesy of Jon Haarr & M. Bjerregaard aka Scar Face.

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