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Publisher: Devil's Due
Issue Date: May 2005
Series: G.I. Joe: Master & Apprentice 2
Issue Number: 4

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Inside the Tibetan retreat of the Red Ninja Clan, Storm Shadow has just discovered that Junko Akita has been brainwashed against him. Jinx & T'JBang have been captured, Billy and Budo fight Slice & Dice outside and Snake-Eyes and Kamakura show up to defeat the Red Ninja's that have turned to the Cobra side. At the end Junko Akita disappears off of a cliff's edge into an underground river. And control of the Red Ninja Clan is returned to Snake-Eyes.

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May 2005

4 Part Mini Series

The Red Ninja Clan is returned to control of Snake-Eyes, who then gives the control of the clan to Storm Shadow.

Storm Shadow has finally cleared his mind of the Cobra brainwashing that has plagued him for years.

Major Players

Arashikage Clan Members: Storm Shadow, Jinx, Billy, Snake-Eyes, Kamakura, Junko Akita (Apprentice Only) And Storm Shadow supporter, Budo (a non-Arashikage clan member)

Affiliate Arashikage Clan Members: Slice & Dice, Sei Tin

Creative Team

Story: Brandon Jerwa,
Line Art: Chris Stevens, Eric Vedder, Scott Hepburn,
Coloring: Herbert Kwah, Kevin Yan,
Lettering: Steve Seeley,
Associate Editor: Mike O'Sullivan,
Editor: Mark Powers,
Graphic Design: Mike Norton, Udon
Representative: Jim Zubkavich,

Cover A & B: Udon

Full Details

Inside the Red Ninja Clan's Tibetan retreat, Storm Shadow has just discovered his lover and apprentice, Junko Akita has been brainwashed by Sei Tin, at Cobra Commander's orders, against him.

Jinx, T'J Bang and Storm Shadow are all captured by the numerous Red Ninja Clan members.

Outside the retreat, Billy and Budo are fighting against Slice & Dice inside the rescue chopper. As the chopper is crashing Budo throws the injured Billy to safety and jumps clear of the wreckage. The next morning Budo and Billy awaken to Snake-Eyes and Kamakura.

Inside a ring of fire, Storm Shadow awakens to discover that Junko has been brainwashed as punishment for Storm Shadow's escaping from Cobra Commander. Sei Tin is punishing Storm Shadow by punishing those closest to him. Jinx & T'J Bang are to be sacrificed. Junko steps up to face Storm Shadow in one on one sword fight.

Snake-Eyes, Kamakura, Billy and Budo have begun there attack into the retreat, fighting a furious battle to reach Storm Shadow. Many Red Ninja Clan members are killed. As Jinx and T'J Bang are being taken away by Sei Tin, Snake-Eyes and his team meet them. Slice and Dice, who also survived the helicopter crash, join in the fight.

A large group battle begins: Jinx frees herself and helps get T'J Bang clear of the fight. Individual battles breakout, Budo protects Jinx from Dice, Sei Tin fights Snake-Eyes, and Kamakura takes on Slice. Slice and Dice are both defeated.

Snake-Eyes and Sei Tin are again fighting (see main series issue #26 for their first fight) for control of the Red Ninja Clan. As they come to a stalemate. Three loyal to Snake-Eyes Red Ninjas step in with bows and arrows and kill Sei Tin. Snake-Eyes is now recognized as the Clan's final leader.

During this large group fight, Storm Shadow and Junko Akita have been fighting there own private fight with swords and words. Storm Shadow continually tires to break Junko's brainwashing. Junko gets the better of Storm Shadow and she has him on the edge of cliff about to deal a killing blow. Billy arrives screaming at Junko "you're about to murder the man you love, lay down your sword". This gets through the brainwashing, and realizing that she can't live with the brainwashing. Junko throws herself off the cliff and falls into an underground river.

Five days later, the team plus six of the loyal Red Ninja's bury the dead. The leadership has returned to Snake-Eyes, who then in turn hands it to Storm Shadow. Storm Shadow is reborn as the Phoenix Master of the Arashikage Clan. And the six remaining ninjas will form the core of the new Arashikage Clan.

As a final moment, Billy walks of into the mountains to finally find a way to be on his own. Storm Shadow reveals that he could not find Junko's body, and that he is finally clear of the Cobra brainwashing. It ends with a prayer to God by Storm Shadow to someday return his love to him.

Summary by Josh Eggebeen