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Publisher: Devil's Due
Issue Date: April 2005
Series: G.I. Joe: Master & Apprentice 2
Issue Number: 3

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Storm Shadow, Jinx, Billy and Budo discover that Junko Akita has been held prisoner in the Red Ninja Clan's Tibet retreat. After months of brainwashing at the hands of Sei Tin, Slice & Dice, Junko Akita is convinced that Storm Shadow is the pain-bringer to her life. A conflict is coming.

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Notes of Interest

April 2005

4 Part Mini Series

For information on the Snake-Eyes/Sei Tin/ Red Ninja Clan story see issue #27 of the main series.

Major Players

Arashikage Clan Members - Storm Shadow, Jinx, Billy, Snake-Eyes, Kamakura, Junko Akita (Apprentice Only)

And Storm Shadow supporter, Budo (a non-Arashikage clan member)

Affiliate Arashikage Clan Members - Slice & Dice, Sei Tin

Additional Characters - Rodney (Information Broker)

Creative Team

Story: Brandon Jerwa,
Line Art: Chris Stevens, Eric Vedder, Scott Hepburn,
Coloring: Herbert Kwah, Kevin Yan,
Lettering: Robin Spehar and Dreamer Design's Troy Peteri,
Associate Editor: Mike O'Sullivan,
Editor: Mark Powers,
Graphic Design: Mike Norton, Udon
Representative: Jim Zubkavich,

Cover Credits:
Cover A : Andrew Hou

Cover B: Stefano Caselli & Sunder Raj

Full Details

After months of searching for the missing Junko Akita, Storm Shadow, Jinx, Billy, and Budo have finally found the lead they have been hoping for during there most recent Cobra raid. That destination is the Tibetan mountain retreat of the Red Ninja Clan. The Clan.s former leader Sei Tin, who was displaced by Snake-Eyes, has taken back his leadership of the Clan. (see issue #27 of the main series, and M & A 2 #2 for these events). Storm Shadow and Jinx are unaware that Sei Tin, has removed Snake-Eyes. surrogate ruler T.JBang.

At the retreat, Sei Tin, Slice & Dice are putting Junko through all kinds of mental and physically torture, as well as isolation, all in order to breakdown her will. They are using old fashion brainwashing methods (with some natural medications, but no technology) to turn her against Storm Shadow. Making her think that all the pain they have caused her was brought onto her by Storm Shadow himself. The final moment that turns her love for Storm Shadow into true hatred for him is when, after a long period of isolation, she is just let out of her cell. She then makes her way to the exit of the Clan.s retreat, where she is confronted by Storm Shadow himself. Just as Junko is amazed to see her lover, who has come to rescue her, she is sliced by his sword, bringing her even more pain, and almost to the brink of death. This ultimate betrayal is a set up to turn her against Storm Shadow. The 'Storm Shadow' that cuts Junko is actually Dice in disguise.

The real Storm Shadow attempts to contact Snake-Eyes, and mounts his rescue mission with the help of his cousin Jinx, his former apprentice Billy, and Jinx.s boyfriend Budo. Storm Shadow and Jinx are dropped off by the chopper flown by Budo with Billy as co pilot. Budo sends out a message to the Joes that they are in Tibet on this rescue mission. Storm Shadow and Jinx invade the retreat on there own. As Storm Shadow and Jinx enter the retreat they come to a room filled with dead Red Ninjas and a man chained to the wall. Jinx investigates the man, discovering that it is actually Sei Tin with a repaired spine.

Sei Tin surprise attacks Jinx. Jinx is now held between Sei Tin and Storm Shadow. Storm Shadow hears Junko calling out to him. Jinx makes a move to free herself, and begins to fight Sei Tin, as Storm Shadow takes off after Junko.

As he climbs toward the voice of Junko, he runs into a mysterious person in a red cape, with a green death mask on. Storm Shadow is forced to fight this mysterious masked opponent. This opponent gets the upper hand by talking to Storm Shadow about Junko. Storm Shadow is stabbed by the masked opponent just as she reveals herself to be Junko. He is horrified.

Jinx is then knocked out by Sei Tin. Billy and Budo are ambushed inside their chopper, after it lands, by Slice and Dice. All seems lost.

At the GI Joe operations center in D.C., Kamakura receives Budo's message.

And now it is going to be Snake-Eyes and Kamakura to the rescue.

Summary by Josh Eggebeen