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Publisher: Devil's Due
Issue Date: March 2005
Series: G.I. Joe: Master & Apprentice 2
Issue Number: 2

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A full scale battle between Storm Shadow, Billy, and Junko Akita and Cobra Commander and the Night Creeper's leaves Storm Shadow's Hong Kong home destroyed. Junko has been captured by Slice and Dice. In Tibet, T'JBang is, surprised by Sei Tin, injured and captured. Storm Shadow begins his hunt for Junko with the help of Jinx and Budo.

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Notes of Interest

4 Part Mini Series Re-introduction of Slice & Dice.

For information on the Snake-Eyes/Sei Tin/ Red Ninja Clan story see issue #27 of the main series.

Major Players

Arashikage Clan Members - Billy, Storm Shadow, Jinx, T.JBang, Junko Akita (Apprentice Only)

Affiliate Arashikage Clan Members - Slice & Dice, Sei Tin

Cobra - Cobra Commander & Night Creepers

Additional Characters - Budo

Creative Team

Story: Brandon Jerwa,
Line Art: Chris Stevens & Eric Vedder,
Coloring: Herbert Kwan, Kevin Yan & Andrew Hou,
Lettering: Robin Spehar and Dreamer Design's Troy Peteri,
Editor: Mark Powers,
Graphic Design: Mike Norton,

Cover A & B: Andrew Hou.

Full Details

Cobra Commander, with the support of the Night Creepers, surprise Storm Shadow, Billy, and Junko Akita (Storm Shadow's apprentice and lover) at his home in Hong Kong. Cobra Commander leaves the scene as the battle rages between Storm Shadow and the Night Creepers. After an extended fight, Billy and Storm Shadow make it to the elevator. As Junko is arriving at the elevator a Night Creeper sets off an explosion that separates them. The explosion pretty much destroys the floor of the building and the elevator Billy and Storm Shadow are in crashes to the lower levels.

Slice and Dice make there appearance at the scene to collect the injured Junko.

As Storm Shadow awakens in the hospital a day later, he discovers that Junko was not recovered from the explosion. The devils of his dreams have returned these devils are really just an after effect of the brainwave scanner treatments. These treatments, which he has received for several years and just recently broke free of, still haunt him. His latest dream is about how much he has destroyed his family, Snake-Eyes and now Junko.

A couple of days later Storm Shadow and Billy now joined by Jinx and Budo inspect the destroyed home. Budo pledges his help, and Billy discovers a message scratched in the dust from Junko. It is an Arashikage Clan symbol.

In Tibet, at the main sanctum of the Red Ninja Clan, T.JBang, the now surrogate leader of the Clan since Snake-Eyes took control, has an exercise training opponent set up for him by a member of the Clan.s staff. T.JBang begins the exercise blindfolded, his skillful opponent, reveals himself to be Sei Tin. Sei Tin is the deposed, by Snake-Eyes, former leader of the Red Ninja Clan. T.JBang is cut but not killed and taken prisoner. Slice and Dice arrive with the captured Junko. And it is revealed that Sei Tin, who helped by Cobra Commander got a titanium backbone, is now working for Cobra.

Storm Shadow, Budo, Jinx, and Billy begin the preparation and search for Junko.

Summary by Josh Eggebeen