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Publisher: Devil's Due
Issue Date: February 2005
Series: G.I. Joe: Master & Apprentice 2
Issue Number: 1

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The history of how Junko Akita and Storm Shadow came to be master and apprentice and lovers is told to Billy. Storm Shadow.s fight against the years of brainwashing and his and Billy's breaking free of Cobra are also celebrated.

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Notes of Interest

4 Part Mini Series

Junko Akita is introduced.

Billy is also introduced as William Kessler.

Major Players

Arashikage Clan Members - Billy, Storm Shadow, Junko Akita (Apprentice Only)

Cobra - Cobra Commander & Night Creepers

Additional Characters - Ryuji Hyata (deceased), Taro Akita (Junko's father)(deceased), Junko's mother (deceased)

Creative Team

Story: Brandon Jerwa,
Line Art: Chris Stevens & Eric Vedder,
Coloring: Herbert Kwan, Kevin Yan & Andrew Hou,
Lettering: Robin Spehar and Dreamer Design's Troy Peteri,
Editor: Mark Powers, Graphic Design: Mike Norton,

Cover A & B: Andrew Hou.

Full Details

In the South China Sea, a fight is happening, people are betting on a young woman who has beaten all comers. One last fighter steps up to fight her. That fighter is Storm Shadow, and in the audience is Billy (Cobra Commander's son and Storm Shadow's 1st apprentice) placing bets that Storm Shadow will win the fight. Storm Shadow fights the young woman and wins. In the middle of the fight, Storm Shadow sees a devil in the crowd, a reflection of the brainwashing that he has been through at the hands of Cobra Commander's brainwave scanner. As Billy and Storm Shadow are counting their winnings outside the area, the young woman approaches and Storm Shadow introduces Billy to Junko Akita. A crowd from the fight sees them together and chases after them as they make there escape, again Storm Shadow sees a devil in the crowd.

Tokyo, Japan:

Junko, Storm Shadow and Billy are sitting at table talking:

Junko Akita's History:

Her father Haro Akita worked as a sensei and personal security trainer, and was killed by the Japanese mafia, Yakuza. She was fifteen when it happened. After the funeral, the man who killer her father, Ryuji Hyata, came to her house and killed her mother. She witnessed her mother dying, and at that moment vowed her revenge against her parent's killer.

She began to train as a geisha in order to get close to the killer. She spent years training as geisha during the day and at night keeping herself in fighting form. At the age of twenty, she got her chance. As she was in a room alone with Hyata and as he was making an advance on her, she stabbed him right in the heart, killing him. Her patience had paid off.

As she was fleeing from the scene, she literally crossed Storm Shadow.s path. Storm Shadow called it destiny.

On the streets of Tokyo, Storm Shadow was riding his motorcycle feeling empty and shallow about six months after the events of a CIA black ops operation. (The 1st Master & Apprentice series) As he turned a corner, Junko escaping from Yakuza crossed his path. His first inclination was to keep going, but it was destiny not to continue on his current path. As Junko started fighting the group that was chasing her, Storm Shadow jumped in to assist in dispatching the entire group of Yazuka. He took her home and attended to her wounds. Junko had completed her task and was ready to move onto a new life. She became Storm Shadow.s apprentice and lover. And he was able to keep her hid from Cobra Commander for years.

Standing on a balcony with his uniform burning in a pit, Storm Shadow is still bothered by the brainwashing, which appears in the form of a devil face, even though he has been able to shake off most of it. The brainwashing still has its effects. He is afraid that this current clarity of mind will not last. But Junko assures him that she and Billy are there to help him prevent any relapse. And that he can move on with his life.

Just as Billy finishes a speech about starting a new life, Cobra Commander appears with a group of Night Creepers.

Summary by Josh Eggebeen