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Publisher: Devil's Due
Issue Date: May 2006
Series: G.I. Joe vs. Transformers III The Art of War
Issue Number: 3

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On Cybertron, Serpentor is gathering a Decepticon army in order to attack an Autobot Peace Celebration. Several Autobots and Joes have arrived from Earth and are immediately captured by the Decepticons. Serpentor kills Bumblebee with his appendages. Snake-Eyes takes off his mask and kisses Scarlett.

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Alternate Covers

Devil's Due Cover "B"
UDON Comics Exclusive Cover

Notes of Interest

5 Issue Mini-Series. The "A" covers from each issue form one larger image. A continuation of the story from the two previous Devil's Due GI Joe vs. Transformers Mini series. Serpentor is created as a mix of human and Transformer.

Major Players

The Joes: Firewall, Hawk, Mainframe, Roadblock, Scarlett, Snake-Eyes Pictured Joes: Beach Head, Cover Girl, Quick Kick, Sci-Fi, Storm Shadow, Tripwire Autobots: Arcee, Bumblebee, Grimlock, Hot Rod, Optimus Prime, Omega Supreme, Perceptor, Sandstorm Additional Autobots: Astrotrain, Blitzwing, Octane, Sixshot, Skids, Springer, Reflector Decepticons: Megatron, Serpentor, Cannibalizers, Predacons (Headstrong, Rampage, Razorclaw & Tantrum), Seacons (Piranacon), Terrorcons (Hun-Grrr, Rippersnapper) Additional Decepticons: Blot, Buzzsaw, Stunticons (Dead End, Drag Strip, Breakdown, Menasor, Motormaster, Wildrider) Additional Characters: Scientists Dr. Li & Martin

Creative Team

Script: Tim Seeley, Pencils: Joe Ng & James Raiz, Inks: Rob Ross & Meth, Colors: Kevin Yan & Rob Ruffolo (Flats by Tom Liu), Letters: Brian Crowley, Editor: Mike Sullivan, Art Produced by: Udon, Udon Chief: Erik Ko, Special Thanks: Mark Powers, Cover: Joe Ng, Espen Grundetjern & Tom Liu

Full Details

On Earth, Scientist Dr. Li is bragging about his creation, Serpent O.R., in exchange for the bragging Mainframe knocks him out and promotes his assistant Martin. The plan is for the Autobots, Arcee, Grimlock, Bumblebee and Perceptor, with a small team of Joes, Hawk, Roadblock, Scarlett and Snake-Eyes, to go to Cybertron to stop Serpentor. Additional Joe reinforcements will be sent later for support.

As they arrive on Cybertron, the Autobots send out a message to Optimus Prime and detect several movement signals within a close proximity. Hawk starts giving orders and Grimlock refuses to listen. Grimlock is then blasted as Cannibalizers attack. Arcee and Bumblebee form into cars and speed away. Grimlock and Perceptor follow behind with the Joes. Predaking steps on the front of Bumblebee and the group is completely surrounded by Decepticons and Serpentor. In order to prove his strength against the Autobots, Serpentor grabs the damaged Bumblebee with his appendages and electrocutes him, effectively killing him. Then he grabs Hawk and forces the group to surrender.

In the headquarters of the Autobots, Optimus Prime and Hot Rod receive the message of the new arrivals. Hot Rod prevents Prime from going out on the recon mission himself because he has to be part of the upcoming Peace Celebration that all of the Autobots will be attending. Hot Rod takes his squad to go search for the now missing Autobots and Joes.

In the new Decepticon bunker, the Joes are being held in boxes and the Autobots are being held by electric bars. In one box, Roadblock reaffirms his belief in Hawk. In another box, Scarlett is talking to Snake-Eyes about how she feels connected to him and asks to see his face. Snake-Eyes removes his mask to reveal his scarred face, Scarlett then kisses him.

Also in the bunker, a large group of Decepticons is meeting, undetected by the Autobot recon. Headstrong of the Predacons is trying to convert Hun-Grrr of the Terrorcons to join with Serpentor. Hun-Grrr especially refuses when Serpentor walks into the room but Serpentor unleashes his appendages that reach into the Decepticons brains sending them a message from Megatron. Serpentor then gives them a speech about taking back what the Autobots have taken from them. The now bigger Decepticon army response with "Destroy"

As the Peace Celebration is beginning, the Decepticons attack and Optimus Prime orders the Autobots to transform and defend. Omega Supreme stands up to take on the Decepticons.

Summary by Josh Eggebeen