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Publisher: Devil's Due
Issue Date: March 2006
Series: G.I. Joe vs. Transformers III The Art of War
Issue Number: 1

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The Autobots have returned to Earth. They are going to destroy all Cybertronian technology with the help of GI Joe. The Army has created a super soldier that is part human, part robot named Serpent O.R. Cobra Commander attacks to gain control of Serpentor.

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Notes of Interest

5 Issue Mini-Series. The "A" covers from each issue form one larger image. A continuation of the story from the two previous Devil's Due GI Joe vs. Transformers Mini series. Serpentor is created as a mix of human and Transformer. A brief history of Cybertron & the Transformers with Alpha Trion as well as the division of Megatron & Optimus Prime. The Joes fight with their customized and controllable S.N.A.K.E.S.

Major Players

G.I.Joe: Hawk, Roadblock, Snake Eyes, Scarlett, Mainframe, Firewall

Cobra: Cobra Commander, Zartan, Zarana, B.A.T.s, Serpent O.R., Cobratron Autobots: Arcee, Perceptor, Grimlock, Bumblebee, Optimus Prime Decepticons: Megatron Other: Optimus Primal, Alpha Trion, Quintessons

Creative Team

Script: Tim Seeley, Pencils: Joe Ng, Inks: Rob Ross with Meth, Colors: Kevin Yan & Rob Ruffolo with Tom Liu, Letters: Brian Crowley, Editor: Mike Sullivan, Art Produced by: Udon, Udon Chief: Erik Ko, Special Thanks: Mark Powers, Cover: Joe Ng, Espen Grundetjern & Tom Liu

Full Details

At an Army base in New Mexico, Bumblebee, Arcee, Grimlock and Perceptor have returned to Earth in order to destroy all Cybertronian technology. They will be working with the GI Joe team to accomplish these goals.

In another part of the same base, Megatron's head is being inspected, tested and the information from his brain has been downloaded and examined. These scientists, especially one female assistant named Dr. Wise, have been creating sentient mechanical weaponry. The Serpent O.R., as it is called, is really a micro filament super computer housed in bio-organic tissue covered in a bio steel carapace. And Earth's greatest military leaders and strategist's experiences have been downloaded into Serpent O.R. The knowledge they have gained from analyzing Megatron has helped them create Serpentor.

Optimus Prime has sent a special message to the Joe team thanking them for their help in defeating Shockwave (see Volume II). Scarlett, Snake-Eyes, Roadblock and Hawk all have personalized S.N.A.K.E.S. that are scheduled to be destroyed.

Outside the base, Cobra Commander has landed with a huge BAT force. He is going to directly attack the base in order to gain access to Megatron and Serpentor. The Joes saddle up in the S.N.A.K.E.S. and joined by the Autobots start fighting the BAT army. Zartan orders the BAT's to form Cobratron, which is one large robot. The Autobots Grimlock and Arcee directly attack Cobratron, Grimlock cuts off its leg as Arcee shoots it in the head destroying Cobratron.

Cobra Commander radios into the base for the coordinates of the base's entrance. On the receiving end of the Commander's call is Zarana, who is disguised as Dr. Wise. She blows open the door from the inside allowing Cobra Commander and her brother Zartan into the area of the base where Serpentor has been created. Bumblebee spots the Commander entering the base and chases after them. As Bumblebee enters he immediately sees Megatron's head, but before he can do anything Zartan slaps on him an E.M. (electro magnetic) Scrambler which electrocutes Bumblebee, shutting him down.

Now free to examine Serpentor, Cobra Commander releases him from his creation chamber. Serpentor goes through his computer start up routines, for the first time becoming aware. Cobra Commander claims to be his master but Serpentor attacks Cobra Commander. Zartan slaps an EM Scrambler on him, electrocuting him, causing him to reboot. As he comes back, he lists his objectives: 1. Obtain Knowledge, 2. Gain Power, 3. Destroy Resistance, 4. Conquer, 5. Rule.

Serpentor refuses to allow Cobra Commander to be his master. Using tentacles released from his body, he throws the Commander, Zartan and Zarana into the walls, knocking them out. In order to fulfill his first objective he taps into Megatron's head.

Outside the Joes and Autobots are wrapping up the fight with the BATS army, when Mainframe informs Hawk of the security breach on the Special Weapons floor.

From Megatron's head, Serpentor gains a brief history of the Cybertron: The Quintessons build Transorganics... Producing both Gladiator and Slave races... Mechanoid worlds of junk... A-3 became the hero, Alpha Trion... Megatron and his first Lieutenant Soundwave... Warrior known as Optimus Primal... Autobot Matrix of leadership.

Serpentor's next step in fulfilling his objectives, now that his has gained knowledge, is to gain power. And the matrix of leadership would bestow him with great power. Bowing to Megatron, he calls him father, and then leaves saying "I must find the Autobot Matrix of Leadership".

Summary by Josh Eggebeen