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Publisher: Devil's Due
Issue Date: September 2004
Series: G.I. Joe vs. Transformers II
Issue Number: 1

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Cobra Commander gains control of a wormhole that directly links to a Cybertron computer called Teletran 3. A team of Joes make a raid on this Cobra computer facility. During the battle, an explosion sets off the computer which zaps all the Joes, Cobras, and Starscream to Cybertron. At the same time it zaps several Transformers that are on Cybertron and sends them to different points in Earth's history. This time stream disruption will destroy the Earth, if the Transformers are not returned to Cybertron.

Zartan, Lady Jaye, Snake-Eyes and Storm Shadow are sent back to Earth in 1970's where they retrieve Jazz, Bumblebee, Hot Rod and Sweeps.

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Notes of Interest

Volume two series continues two years after volume #1 finished.

The Joes and Cobra have modified Transformers technology for their personal weapons.

Transformers alternative forms are based upon vehicles in the different time frames they appear.

On Cybertron, Shockwave controls the planet, and Optimus Prime and the Autobots are part of a resistance movement.

Major Players

The Joes: Barbecue, Bazooka, Beach Head, Chuckles, Cover Girl, Dusty, Gung-Ho, Jinx, Lady Jaye, Roadblock, Scarlett, Sci-Fi, Shipwreck, Snake-Eyes, Spirit, Stalker

Autobots: Blitzwing, Bumblebee, Hot Rod, Ironhide, Jazz, Optimus Prime, Perceptor, Ultra Magnus, Wheeljack

Cobra: Baroness, Cobra Commander, Destro, Dr. Mindbender, Storm Shadow, Tomax, Xamot, Zartan

Dreadnoks: Buzzer, Ripper, Torch

Decepticons: Cyclonus, Dirge, Ramjet, Scourge, Shockwave, Starscream, Sweeps

Creative Team

Story: Dan Jolley, Pencils: E.J.Su & Tim Seeley, Inks: Andrew Pepoy, Colors: Jeremy Roberts, Letters: Dreamer Design, Editor: Mark Powers, Graphic Design: Mike Norton, Production Assistance: Sean Dove, Military Consultation: Andrew Swenson, Cover: E.J. Su, Tim Seeley, Andrew Pepoy & Brett R Smith

Full Details

Two years after the Transformers left Earth (see GI Joe vs. the Transformers Volume #1), the Joes are leading an attack on a Cobra weapons ring. Scarlett, Beach Head and Stalker interrupt a weapons transfer lead by the Dreadnoks, Buzzer, Ripper, and Torch. Once the fight starts Scarlett, Beach Head and Stalker are able to capture the Dreadnoks, Spirit and Jinx capture a truck with the goods, Roadblock, Gung-Ho and Bazooka using shield technology fight against a tank/car, they are supported by Duke and Snake-Eyes who use their SNAKE's (SNAKE's are Transformer size robots that any individual human can control) to defeat the tank/car.

In Portugal, Cobra Commander and Destro are having a meeting. The Commander explains to Destro that he has discovered that scientists in Boston have used Cybertronian computer technology to create a wormhole gateway between Earth and Cybertron that connects to the computer Teletran 3, but currently only data is able to go through the wormhole. Also, he controls Starscream one of the few Transformers that remained on Earth. Cobra Commander's grand plan is expand this wormhole technology so that he can have an instant delivery system on anywhere Earth. His armies could attack anywhere at anytime without the need for supply lines or long travel times. All he needs is Destro's financial support.

Destro agrees to the plan but with two conditions; one is Destro is going along on the venture and the second is Cobra Commander has to personally go, also. Destro then gives a command to his assistant Wilson for them to begin wrapping up. Wilson immediately walks out of the house, jumps off a cliff and rides away on a jet ski. Wilson is Chuckles, a GI Joe undercover agent, who makes his report on Cobra Commander's plan.

On the Shockwave controlled Cybertron, resistance fighters Optimus Prime, Ironhide and Wheeljack are stealing energon, which is a Transformer's power source, with Shockwave and several of his lieutenants on their tale. The Autobots are successful in escaping down a tunnel with energon.

The Joes are assaulting the Boston computer facility. Starscream, Cobra Commander, Dr. Mindbender, Destro, Baroness, Zartan, Storm Shadow, Tomax and Xamot are all inside the main room near the computers core. As the Joes charge the room their gun fire sets off the core, causing a reaction that transports everyone in the room to Cybertron. The after effect on Cybertron is that several Transformers, both Autobot and Decepticon, have been grabbed by the wormhole and sent to Earth.

As the Joes and Cobra's are figuring out what happen, Shockwave and several Decepticons show up to try to destroy them, but before they can do that Autobots Perceptor and Ultra Magnus bust through a wall and set up a force field that protects the humans, Starscream is subdued by Perceptor and the computer Teletran 3 is also inside the force field.

The temporal disturbance that the wormhole accident created has very severe consequences for Earth. Basically, the computer Teletran 3 sent the Transformers back to Earth, but all at different time periods. This displacement is severe because it will create a feedback that will wash the entire Earth with flames, destroying everything and everyone. In order to save the Earth, Cobra and the Joes have to join forces and be sent back in time to retrieve the Transformers. Four groups of Transformers were sent to four different time periods, so four groups of Cobras and Joes volunteer to go to those time periods to retrieve the Transformers.

An additional complication is that the Transformers were sent through a camouflage program so they match the time period. Perceptor is able to fashion a tracking device to help them find the hidden Transformers, and a disruption unit is sent with them that allows the Transformers and humans to be sent back to Cybertron.

The first group is Snake-Eyes, Lady Jaye, Zartan and Storm Shadow. They go back to the 1970's in the Oakland /San Francisco area. After disguising themselves, they find the first Transformer, Autobot Jazz, who's vehicle mode is a white Cadillac. Using Jazz they drive to the next Transformer, which is Bumblebee, who is in vehicle mode as a Datsun. Releasing Bumblebee, they begin the search for the next one. They find Hot Rod, but he is in the middle of San Francisco, they can't just let him transform in the middle of the city, so Lady Jaye in Jazz with Bumblebee following leads the car and its human driver on a chase out of the city towards the fourth Transformer.

The chase ends in an airport hanger where several cops are loading a plane. The plane is actually Sweeps in his vehicle mode. As the cops, Joes and Cobras square off Lady Jaye initiates the disruption unit and all four Joes and Cobras and the four Transformers are sent back to Cybertron.

In 1930's Chicago, Roadblock, Beach Head, Baroness and a Viper appear in the middle of a street just as two cars chasing each other with guns firing headed directly at them.

Summary by Josh Eggebeen