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Publisher: Devil's Due
Issue Date: July 2003
Series: G.I. Joe vs. Transformers
Issue Number: 1

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An unknown organization known as Cobra attacks important government sites, the United States military quickly responds to stop them by creating an elite force lead by Clayton Abernathy, Hawk, and called GI Joe. Cobra has discovered an ark with giant transforming robots, they are able to control them and use them very effectively in their attacks, but one Transformer seems to be rejecting the destructive controls of Cobra.

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Notes of Interest

A 6 issue Mini-Series set in an alternate continuity.

The Transformers are not in their traditional character designs. They transform into Cobra vehicles.

Major Players

The Joes: Ace, Cover Girl, Flint (Dashielle Fairborn), General Flagg, Hawk (Colonel Abernathy), Lady Jaye (Alison Burnet), Snake-Eyes, Stalker (Lonzo Wilkenson) Autobots: Cliffjumper, Cosmos, Ironhide, Jazz, Optimus Prime, Ratchet, Smokescreen Cobra: Baroness, Cobra Commander, Major Bludd, Wild Weasel Decepticons: Megatron, Rumble, Skywarp, Starscream, Soundwave, Thundercracke

Creative Team

Story: Josh Blaylock, Pencils: Mike S Miller, Inks: Armando Durruthy, Colors: Lynx Studio with Hi Fi Colour Design, Letters: Dreamer Design, Graphic Design: Mike Norton, Cover: Mike S Mille

Full Details

A ray of light breaks through a dark, cavernous, chamber, illuminating the battered, robotic shapes within. A hatchway is being torched the side of the cavern. It crashes to the floor with a bang, and in steps a familiar hooded figure followed by a squad of blue-clad soldiers.

Looking about at his surroundings, Cobra Commander has but one word to describe the scene: "Brilliant."

Soon, he is joined by the Baroness, and they agree that their Scottish arms trafficker "was right." Clearly, they've been led to this place by an outside source. The Baroness points out the strange symbols on each robot; the Commander speculates they may be part of a language, or symbols of their allegiance. He says the craft they are in must have crashed millions of years ago, and perhaps there is some trace of the creatures that piloted the robots.

Suddenly, one of the robots speaks! "I still function," it drones. The Commander decrees that every nut and bolt of the aliens be brought to Cobra's facility, and that the cavern be sealed, and no trace of the ship's existence is to remain.

Elsewhere, an army truck carries a squad of soldiers toward a UN summit, where they are to provide security. Sgt. Lonzo Wilkinson asks Col. Clayton Abernathy what the colonel thinks is really going on, but the colonel answers correctly: When the president asks you to do something, you don't question orders. Wilkinson just thinks it's funny that these peace talks always require such brute force to keep things running smoothly. Snake-Eyes chuckles as well, but his lips remain sealed.

Naturally, things don't go smoothly at all! While at first it appears a gaggle of protesters are the only security risk, the area is soon under armored assault! Three high-speed sentry tanks - two black, one red - bearing Cobra sigils and firing some type of laser bear down on the security squad. Col. Abernathy orders Snake-Eyes to lead the counter-assault while he clears the civilians from the area.

It soon becomes clear the tanks aren't the only concern. A modified SR-71 leads two modified A-10s into the fight, but they're trailed closely by a squadron of American fighters, with Ace in the lead jet. Wild Weasel, in one of the A-10s, tells Cobra Commander the alien technology is performing above expectations, but he doesn't know if they can withstand the firepower of the American fighters. The Commander - in the Blackbird's drone ship - tells Wild Weasel what to do, but he is admonished, seemingly, by the pistol strapped to his leg. The weapon says the Commander is unleashing a power he cannot hope to contain.

Ace trails an A-10, but the tank-smasher suddenly inclines on a 90-degree angle and flies straight up and away from Ace! Before he can get his bearings, the craft re-appears - only this time in the form of a giant robot! Ace manages to eject moments before the robot destroys his fighter.

More and more strange vehicles appear on the ground, and the Baroness leads the column straight ahead to the UN summit. Once she has the Cobra forces in place, she contacts Cobra Commander, who tells to activate the Battle Android Troopers.

She does so, and the three sentry tanks transform into giant robots, followed soon after by the Blackbird! The gun at the Commander's side identifies this robot as Starscream, saying the one the Commander has chosen to fly is the one most likely to stab him in the back. The Commander ignores the voice and order the attack on the summit to commence!

Finally, some reinforcements arrive, and Snake-Eyes hooks up with a column of modified SA-13 mobile missile launchers. They move to take out the largest robot - the red sentry - as it seems to be having difficulties. In fact, a tele-viper tells Cobra Commander, none of the robots are responding as expected, but HISS-14 is the worst of the lot. The Commander tells the Baroness to move the attack forward while he looks after the robots.

The missile launchers close in, but before they can unleash their barrage, Starscream turns and unleashes his laser on them. Snake-Eyes is seriously wounded - he's alive but his face has been hideously burned.

Later, news reports show the robots transforming and attacking, and leaving as suddenly as they came, but not without identifying themselves - with the word "COBRA" burned into the rubble.

General Flagg debriefs Col. Abernathy and introduces him to Officer Dashielle Faireborne and Sgt. Alison Burnett. Flagg explains that the four of them are going to form a task force - codename: G.I. Joe - to deal with this Cobra/robot threat.

Col. Abernathy points it will be difficult to fight an enemy they don't understand, but Sgt. Burnett explains she's been investigating Cobra for over a year, and will provide the colonel with whatever information he needs. Officer Faireborne, meanwhile, is a tactical strategist with expertise in large-scale operations, and already has ideas of how to deal with the robots.

Abernathy assumes he'll be just another member of the task force, but Flagg straightens him out: "You're not just going to be a key member of G.I. Joe," he says, "you're going to lead it."

Summary by: Josh Kern