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Publisher: Blackthorne
Issue Date: Spring 1989
Series: G.I. Joe in 3-D
Issue Number: Annual 1

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The Hydro-Viper attacks!

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Notes of Interest

Includes 3-D Glasses.

Listed in the indicia as Blackthorne number 62.

Major Players

Muskrat, Spearhead and Max, Hydro-Vipers, Cobra Scientists.

Creative Team

Script: John Stephenson
Pencils: Lorenzo Lizana
Inks: Andy Ice & Jorge Pacheco
3-D Process: Paul Tallerday
Cover: Lorenzo Lizana

Full Details

The book starts off with a young couple at the edge of a bayou in Bayou Vista, Louisiana; they are having a "moment" when they are interrupted by a mysterious creature with webbed hands. The girl gets away, but the young boy, Bobby, is drug into the bayou by the mysterious creature. The girl screams for help and other couples in the area come to help, only to find the girl hysterical. The new comers look out into the waters and see the mysterious creature with Bobby slung over its shoulder. The locals are left wondering what is going on.

In the next scene we see Muskrat, Spearhead and Max cruising along the Louisiana bayou in a Devilfish. They are in the area setting up a microwave relay dish to keep tabs on Cobra Island. Spearhead comments that even though he and Muskrat are the newest Joes he was hoping for more excitement. Muskrat tells him to be happy with the peace and quiet. While the two are setting up the relay, Max discovers the footprints of the creature and alerts Spearhead. The two Joes prepare for combat when several locals come walking out of the woods. The local man in the lead says Muskrat's voice sounds familiar, he asks "Ross Williams?" and the two men embrace, as they are high school friends. Muskrat's old friend is named Paulie.

Paulie tells Muskrat that several of the local kids have been disappearing; some had shown back up but that they were in bad shape. The locals think that it might be one of their legends, but Spearhead isn't buying it. That night Muskrat and Spearhead have set up a listening post/observation post to keep a look out for the creature. As they are on watch they hear a scream, when the Joes arrive on the scene all three of the men that were with Paulie are scratched up and unconscious. From behind the two are attacked by the creature; Max is the first one to attack. The creature tosses Max away, and Muskrat charged him with his machete. Muskrat lands a blow and the creature howls in pain, and tosses Muskrat off to the side and disappeared back into the water before Spearhead can get a shot off.

As Spearhead checks on Muskrat, Muskrat reveals a "souvenir" from the creature. Spearhead says it looks like scales, but Muskrat reveals to him that it is latex; the creature has some sort of wet suit on. Muskrat and Spearhead track the creature by the mud in the water and a blood trail as well. The trail leads them to a shack that has alarm systems around it and has two guards inside. Spearhead sends Max inside and draws the two outside where they are disposed of quickly. Once the two Joes are inside they find a hidden elevator that goes down into a secret laboratory. In the lab, Cobra scientists are creating the newest Cobra troopers, Hydro-Vipers. Muskrat and Spearhead quickly get undercover and locate Bobby in a cage. They free the boy and decide to get out of the area, but they need a diversion. Muskrat provides the diversion with some Cayenne Pepper in a helmet tube to one of the new Hydro-Vipers. The berserk viper is tossing scientists and guards all around and throws one of them into the generator in the lab. This sets off a chain reaction that destroys the lab and the shack above. Muskrat, Spearhead, Max and Bobby all make it out in the nick of time.

Summary by: Phil Kost of JoeReloaded.com