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Publisher: Blackthorne
Issue Date: Spring 1989
Series: G.I. Joe in 3-D
Issue Number: 6

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Tiger Force assists some rebels.

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Notes of Interest

Includes 3-D Glasses.

Major Players

Hawk, Duke, Bazooka, Lifeline, Dusty, General Graves.

Creative Team

Script: John Stephenson, Artist: Mike Murray, Advisor: Brandon Brinkley, 3-D Process: Paul Tallerday, Cover: Mike Murray

Full Details

The issue starts out at an Afghani rebel camp; two look outs are discussing their enemies, the Soviets. Suddenly both look outs are struck down by something unknown. This alerts the camp and the rebels go out to see what the problem. As the camp goes out the scene switches to a Russian General and two Russian soldiers in a prototype vehicle that produces some sort of sonic wave that begins to affect the rebels. The General commands the power levels up to 75% and at that point the rebels are killed where they stand. As the Russians drive away the General states "a very successful test."

In the next scene we are in the Pentagon, it is a little over 24 hours since the attack in Afghanistan. Hawk is meeting with Gen. Graves on the attack and says that the US must do something to support the rebels. Gen. Graves is adamant that there can be no US involvement. He apologizes to Hawk, but says that is the way it has to be. Hawk then decides to take matters into his own hands. Enter: TIGER FORCE

The next morning a plane flown by Wild Bill lands in Afghanistan the next morning, and off rolls Duke, Lifeline, Bazooka, and Dusty, along with the Tiger Cat and Tiger Sting. As they head out across the desert to find the rebels, they come across a small group of rebels under attack. Tiger Force swings into action and destroys the Soviets attacking the rebels. After meeting Masaad, the leader of the rebels, Tiger Force and the rebels head back to the rebel's camp.

Back at the camp Masaad explains to Tiger Force the condition of the rebels that they found dead, and that they had no marks on their bodies. While this is going on Dusty attempts to befriend one of the rebels named Kadeem, but Kadeem wants nothing to do with Dusty and a fight almost breaks out.

Later that evening as the rebels and Tiger Force are moving across the desert a Russian look out spots them and reports their actions to the Russian General. He immediately orders the prototype weapon powered up and ready to move. His assistants warn him that more tests still need to be conducted before they take the device into combat, he ignores their pleas and orders them to prepare for battle.

Tiger Force and the rebels have found the Russian base and are preparing to attack when the Russians launch a surprise attack on them. While the rebels and Russian troops are fighting the General and his men are preparing to unleash their secret weapon. The General orders the power level to 25% and again his assistants warn him, but he threatens to shoot them if they do not comply. They power up to 25% and the rebels begin to show signs of begin attacked, the General then orders the power level up to 50%, but the circuits are beginning to overload. At the same time, Dusty has hopped aboard the test weapon and Kadeem throws Dusty a weapon. As the General orders power up to 75% Dusty fires into the main housing of the weapon, and it destroys the weapon and causes a feedback in the cockpit of the weapon. One of the rebels is about to kill the General when Duke stops him, it is at that time the group realizes that the General has gone deaf due to the feedback. It is determined that the General has been punished enough for his actions.

Wild Bill arrives and Tiger Force loads up and says their good-byes. As they are preparing to leave Kadeem thanks Dusty for his help. Dusty simply says "You're Welcome." and heads to the plane. Tiger Force flies off into the sunset with the gratitude of the rebels.

Summary by: Phil Kost