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Publisher: Blackthorne
Issue Date: April 1988
Series: G.I. Joe in 3-D
Issue Number: 4

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The Joes test new equipment.

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Notes of Interest

Includes 3-D Glasses.

Major Players

SGT Slaughter, Gung-Ho, Outback, Mainframe, Chuckles, Fast Draw, Jinx, LT Falcon (assumed, only referred to as Lieutenant), Croc Master, Big Boa, Raptor and Cobra Commande

Creative Team

Story: Bruce Jones, Art: Adrian Moro, Letters: Diane Valentino, Inks: Phil Haxo, 3-D Process: The Fabulous Fritsches, Editor: John Stephenson, Cover: Zircher (Patrick?)

Full Details

The issue starts out inside a cabin with SGT Slaughter giving a briefing to Gung-Ho, Outback, Mainframe, Chuckles, and Jinx. They are going to head to different areas in teams of two to test new equipment. They break down into the teams as following: Outback, Jinx, Fast Draw, Chuckles, Gung-Ho, Mainframe.

Outback and Jinx end up in a snow region, Fast Draw and Chuckles in a Desert region, and Gung-Ho and Mainframe in a swamp region. Meanwhile on Cobra Island, Cobra Commander invites Raptor, Big Boa, and Croc Master to use his newest device meant to take over the world. It is a device that can take over the functions of mechanical items, as well as creates holographic images that can injure people.

First up is Raptor and he controls a Recon Sled that Fast Draw is driving to try and run down Chuckles, next up in Big Boa who take control of some new power skis that Jinx and Outback are trying out, he attempts to kill Jinx by firing on her from Outback's skis, but she is able to "Neutralize" Outback and the skis. The next in line is Croc Master and he initiates the holographic image and attacks Gung-Ho and Mainframe who are on a Devilfish with a Dreadnok Swamp Copter.

All the attacks succeed in through the Joes off balance. The attacks continue in various forms until the Joes communicate with each other and devise a plan to eliminate the satellite. They succeed in destroying the satellite and the control console on Cobra Island goes up in smoke, along with Cobra's plan for world domination.

Summary by: Phil Kost


The second printing of this issue listed its issue number on the cover as number 2.