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Publisher: Blackthorne
Issue Date: Spring 1988
Series: G.I. Joe in 3-D
Issue Number: 3

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Crystal Ball captures Psyche-Out and experiments on him.

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Notes of Interest

Includes 3-D Glasses.

Major Players

Psyche-Out, Dial-Tone, Tunnel Rat, Jinx, Crystal Ball, and Cobra Commande

Creative Team

Story: John Stephenson, Pencils: E.R. Cruz, Inks: Adrian Moro, Letters: David Cody Weiss, 3-D Process: The Fortified Fritsches, Cover: Zircher (Patrick?)

Full Details

The issue starts out inside the mind of Psyche-Out, he is going through some sort of dreamland when he is confronted by creatures and coming to his aid is Crystal Ball, but then the dream fades away and it is revealed that Psyche-Out is captured by Crystal Ball and being held in his lab and is being experimented on. On the outside Dial-Tone, Tunnel Rat, and Jinx are looking for Psyche-Out. Apparently Psyche-Out was on a mission, but the group does not know that he has been captured.

Jinx is in the back of the van attempting to psychically reach out to Psyche-Out. In the next scene, we are again in Psyche-Out's mind and this time he is being attacked by Cobra Pogo vehicles, followed by Cobra Mambas, one of the Mambas picks up Psyche-Out and deposits him into the gigantic hand of Crystal Ball. It is in this moment that Jinx reaches Psyche-Out psychically and gives him the "anchor" to overcome Crystal Ball, but in one last act of desperation, Crystal Ball attacks Psyche-Out's mind sending shock waves all the way to Jinx. With out hesitation Jinx and the rest of the team rush the building that is housing Crystal Ball's lab and make quick work of the Vipers standing guard.

At the last minute Crystal Ball believes that he has the location to the Joe base, and he reports such to CC as he is escaping. It is revealed after that he got the wrong information thanks to Jinx.

Summary by: Phil Kost