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#098 HE'S BACK!



Publisher: Marvel Comics
Issue Date: March 1990
Series: G.I. Joe A Real American Hero
Issue Number: 98

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Chuckles, Clutch and Rock N Roll and two Mounties are on a mission in Canada the find a Terrordrome. The original Cobra Commander is found alive and well and returns to Cobra Island to clean house. Zarana activates the trigger for Clutch and Rock N Roll's brainwashing.

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Notes of Interest

The return of the original Cobra Commander

Billy, Zartan, Tyrone, Capt. Minh, Firefly, Fred VII, Dr. Mindbender, Voltar and Raptor are locked in a freighter, buried and left to die.

Major Players

Joes: Chuckles, Clutch, Rock N Roll, Hawk, Lift Ticket,

Cobra: Voltar, Dr. Mindbender, Raptor, Cobra Commander, Croc Master, Zartan, Cobra Commander (Fred VII) Voltar, Firefly, Zarana, Road Pig, Buzzer, Ripper, Torch

Others: Billy, Tyrone, Capt. Minh, Inspector Cates, Sgt Fournier, the Jugglers, General Hollingsworth

Additional Characters: El Jefe, General Liederkranz, Sharif, Prince Ngoto, Sheik Faoud Ibn Sirhan, Minister Bakana and Comrade Lin Wu Zing

Creative Team

Script: Larry Hama,
Pencils: MD Bright,
Inks: Randy Emberlin,
Lettering: Rick Parker,
Coloring: Bob Sharen,
Editor: Bobbie Chase,
Editor in Chief: Tom DeFalco
Cover Artist: Lee Weeks

Full Details

A Tomahawk lands at a cabin in Ontario Canada. Sgt Fournier is heading to the door of it facing a man with a gun Rock N Roll is close behind his gatlings at the ready... Sgt Fournier knows this man and his family however and reluctantly the man is convinced to let them enter. Once inside they find Sheik Faoud Ibn Sirhan, Minister Bakana, and Comrade Lin Wu Zing. All of them weapons buyers. Chuckles searches the cabin and finds some hidden electronics, he pushes a button and a Terrordrome pushes its way up through the frozen lake. The Sheik reaches for his pistol and Rock N Roll lets loose a volley from his massive guns just inches above their heads. The Joes wonder why Cobra would send their clients here when Terrordrome plants are made on Cobra Island in the Gulf of Mexico? Clutch finds the answer; these parts were made in Denver.

Meanwhile outside Denver Dr. Mindbender and Raptor and some vipers are digging up the real Cobra Commander's grave. (Issue 61) The vipers find a shirt with a bullet hole in the back, but no body. A voice comes from behind them in the woods, Cobra Commander is alive! He is flanked by Crimson Guards loyal to him, Fred VIII through LCI. He had the area monitored just in case. He explains how his spies watch other spies and so forth. Fred VIII rescued him shortly after he was shot and took him to the hospital. Since then he has been rebuilding Cobra the same way as he built it up originally. He says that this is the time. This omen has revealed to him that it is time to return to Cobra Island.

El Jefe, General Liederkranz, Sharif, and Ngoto discuss all the activity on the island since Cobra Commander, who is now rumored to be an imposter, disappeared, and the potential for a coup. Inside the landlocked freighter a discussion is taking place. Billy, Zartan, Tyrone, Capt. Minh, Firefly, Fred VII, and some others are all involved in a debate. Billy tries to tell Voltar that Cobra Commander is not the real cobra commander but a Fred who killed him. Tyrone on the other hand wonders about the disappearance of the Blind Master, his sensei, and the appearance of Zartan. Then the lights in the freighter go out. The real Cobra Commander, Billy's father hovers above them all his enemies neatly grouped below him. Raptor and Dr. Mindbender laugh as the Commander reveals his plans. However their laughter is short lived as they soon find themselves kicked into the freighter as well. Cobra Commander slams the hatch trapping all inside. Explosions rock the island alarming the potential buyers. These explosions are designed to cut a channel in front of the freighter. The freighter no longer landlocked floats towards the extinct volcano. Another explosion rips a hole in the side of the volcano. The freighter floats in and falls inside. Then with a final explosion Cobra Commander destroys the volcano bringing it down and trapping the freighter occupants inside. The dictators and leaders look on in shock.

A Tomahawk transport lands at a NY courthouse bringing in Clutch and Rock N Roll to testify against Zarana and the Dreadnoks. Only the group is leaving the building as they have been freed on legal technicalities. Zarana, seeing the two, says the word Broca triggering their brainwashing programming. A Cobra transport chopper lands and the smug Zarana boards and a Crimson Guard almost slams her face in the door. They are told that they aren't returning to Broca Beach, they are being taken to Cobra Island to stand trial for treason.

At the Pentagon the Jugglers brief Hawk and General Hollingsworth that due to the recent attacks in Broca Beach and the Cobra Consulate building and Cobra Island's growing legitimate status and reduced threat that they are considering disbanding GIJOE and splitting up the team.

Summary by Ted Jacobson