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Publisher: Marvel Comics
Issue Date: Mid December 1989
Series: G.I. Joe A Real American Hero
Issue Number: 95

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The Baroness takes the captured Snake Eyes to the Cobra Consulate building in New York. Scarlett is flown from Switzerland to NY in a coma. The Baroness tries to cover up things and hide them from Destro as Snake Eyes fights his way up towards the Baroness Storm Shadow Stalker and Wade Collins go to Snake Eyes' aid. Billy and Raptor go to Cobra Commander's gravesite.

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Notes of Interest

Part two of Snake Eyes trilogy

Wade Collins fights with Stalker and Storm Shadow to help rescue Snake-Eyes. Snake-Eyes gets his new commando outfit.
J. Jonah Jameson the editor of the Daily Bugle (Spider-Man) makes an unnamed appearance.

Major Players

Joes: Snake Eyes, Doc, Lifeline, Hawk, Scarlett, Chuckles, Roadblock, Stalker, Storm Shadow

Cobra: Baroness, Destro, Raptor, The Paine Brothers: Desade, Crispo, Torquemada

Others: Billy, Wade Collins, Dr. Hundtkinder, Blind Master (Zartan), Tyrone,

Creative Team

Script: Larry Hama,
Pencils: Mark Bright,
Inks: Randy Emberlin,
Lettering: Rick Parker,
Coloring: Bob Sharen,
Editor: Bobbie Chase,
Editor in Chief: Tom DeFalco
Cover Artist: Andy Kubert

Full Details

Snake Eyes, still recovering from extensive surgery and the ordeal in Switzerland, is being detained by the Baroness in the NY Cobra Consulate building. She is intent on getting revenge on Snake Eyes for killing her brother in Vietnam. (Issue 94). She takes him deep inside the consulate to the Paine brothers, Desade, Crispo, and Torquemada. She intends on handling everything personally however. She threatens to undo what Dr. Hundtkinder has done, and informs him she put a bullet in Scarlett's head. (Issue 94). She is holding a red hot branding iron when a Televiper interrupts her to tell her Destro will be arriving soon. Fearing Destro will find out all her deceptions, letting Zarana be captured and holding Snake Eyes, she heads to personally meet him. She leaves strict orders for the brothers not to touch Snake Eyes.

Destro is curious about the increase in G.I.Joe activity lately the Baroness avoids the question and Destro replies: maybe we should ask Zarana.

Doc, Lifeline, and Hawk are flying Scarlett back to the US. In Switzerland we find Chuckles rummaging through Dr. Hundtkinder's files. Dr. Hundtkinder threatens to report the invasion but Roadblock persuades him otherwise.

Back in the basement of the cobra consulate the trio of torturers is worried. Snake Eyes has stopped breathing. Desade tries to tell his brother it is a ninja trick but is too late and Snake Eyes is soon free. Desade fights him but soon realizes he is no match. Crispo throws an urn full of hot coals in Snake Eyes' face. It only temporarily stops him and soon the three are defeated.

Destro presses further about the capture of Zarana as a Televiper shows the Baroness a live camera feed of Snake Eyes' escape. The Baroness concocts a lie that the Dreadnoks and Zarana were purposefully captured to lend credence to the escape of Clutch and Rock N Roll who had been brainwashed while captured. The Baroness whispers another order to the Televiper. Destro turns and asks her why she keeps whispering.

Snake Eyes, now in his commando gear, makes his way to an armory and gets explosives and weapons. He slowly makes his way past several floors of Cobras.

Destro orders the Baroness to free Zarana, she has one week to do so. He boards his chopper and leaves. Now the Baroness orders the building sealed off she no longer wants Snake Eyes taken alive he is too great a threat.

Across the street in a newsstand, Snake Eyes' comrades from Vietnam, Wade Collins, Stalker, and Storm Shadow, lie in wait. Then J. Jonah Jameson comes up to the stand asking for a copy of the Daily Bugle. When he finds out the owner doesn't carry that "trash", he throws a fit. Then mid fit there is an explosion across the street at the consulate. Storm Shadow and the others jump out of the stand. When they enter the building they find the blast has knocked almost everyone out. A guard is babbling into an open microphone and soon the whole building is in a panic. Not wanting to get crushed Stalker and the other two are pushed outside by the crowd. Yet another explosion above them seals off the building.

Destro seeing the smoke coming from the consulate contacts the Baroness, She lies and says everything is under control as she watches a video feed of Snake Eyes closing the gap to her location.

Cut to the Rockies outside Denver. Raptor and Billy are digging when the Blind Master, actually Zartan, and Tyrone his student pull up. They fight and discuss whether or not it's worth the effort to dig up the grave.

Summary by Ted Jacobson