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Publisher: Marvel Comics
Issue Date: Mid November 1989
Series: G.I. Joe A Real American Hero
Issue Number: 93

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Prelude to The Snake-Eyes Trilogy where he decides to undergo reconstructive surgery. Baroness fools Zarana into being captured by the Joes. Clutch and Rock 'n' Roll are brainwashed by the Brainwave Scanner.

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Notes of Interest

The first full appearance of Snake-Eyes disfigured face.
The return of Dr. Hundtkinder
The Baroness discovers that Snake-Eyes is man that killed her brother, Eugen.

In the back, the preview of issue 94's cover significantly differs from the actual cover released.

Major Players

The Joes: Snake-Eyes, Scarlett, Lady Jaye, Flint, Clutch, Roadblock, Rock 'n' Roll, Repeater, Dial Tone, Hawk, Lift Ticket,

Cobra: Zarana, Baroness, Destro, the Dreadnoks: Buzzer, ripper, Torch, Roadpig

Additional Characters: Dr.Hundtkinder

Creative Team

Script: Larry Hama,
Pencils: M.D. Bright,
Inks: Randy Emberlin,
Lettering: Rick Parker,
Colors: Bob Sharen,
Editor: Bobbie Chase,
Editor-in-Chief: Tom DeFalco
Cover Artist: ?

Full Details

High above Manhattan Island, a Cobra transport helicopter is en route to the Cobra Consulate Building. The scene opens with Zarana and the Baroness in a very hostile situation (both struggling to throw each other out of the aircraft) that apparently erupted when the Baroness made some choice comments concerning Zarana's hair. The Dreadnoks merely watch as a Techno-Viper warns that Zarana's actions may endanger the security of the prisoners (Clutch and Rock 'n Roll) and that Destro would not approve. Road Pig tries to restrain Zarana, but ends up booting the Baroness from the helicopter in mid-air. Luckily, the Baroness saves herself by grabbing hold of the landing gear. As soon as the helicopter lands, the two begin fighting again. They roll around on the ground until they find themselves at the feet of Destro. Surprised and embarrassed, Zarana and the Baroness try to make excuses for their behavior, as they were teamed to work together to oversee Cobra's Broca Beach operation. Displeased, Destro demands that they work out their "petty differences and start taking care of business." Destro wants to be assured that the next phase of their brain-washing scheme is going ahead on schedule and that Clutch and Rock 'n Roll will soon be returned to G.I. Joe Headquarters, unwittingly under Cobra's control. Zarana and the Baroness reassure Destro as he departs in a Cobra Mamba, but they still hold their personal grudges.

Later, Zarana oversees the successful implantation of fake "Cobra" memories into Clutch and Rock 'n Roll, but now she needs to ensure that they don't remember any incriminating memories like their stay in Broca Beach. To accomplish this task, she has the Buzzer and Ripper "stroll into the symbolic maze that represents their memories... and institute a bit of urban renewal!" Using various sets, the prisoners are made to believe that they've been held in a Cobra submarine for the whole time. The plan then calls for Clutch and Rock 'n Roll to be taken to a real submarine off the coast of Long Island and be allowed to "escape." With a jolt of ultra-pain, Dr. Venom's brain-wave scanner "cements"in the new memories... as evident by Clutch's screams.

Later, the Dreadnoks (Ripper, Buzzer, and Torch) are in a van following an ice cream truck (driven by Zarana and Road Pig) transporting Clutch and Rock 'n Roll. As the Baroness watches them leave, she makes a phone call to the Chaplin's Assistants School at Fort Wadsworth and asks for Hawk, but is unable to speak with him or the Joe team directly. She informs the operator to tell the Joes that their fellow teammates will be heading East on the Long Island Expressway shortly and will be in an ice cream truck followed by a van full of Dreadnoks. Dialtone and Hawk are seen listening in on the conversation and they confirm that the message is being traced to the Cobra Consulate Building.

Meanwhile, Snake-Eyes and Scarlett (dressed in civilian clothes) arrive at the Bern Institute of Reconstructive Surgery in Switzerland. Scarlett remarks, "This is it, Snake-Eyes. It's finally going to happen... you're going to get a new face." The new technique developed by the institute is said to be "excruciating and dangerous"and that it would "require six separate operations, skin grafts and cartilage implants." With some of the procedures so radical, they could be fatal... Scarlett tells Snake-Eyes that he doesn't have to go through with it if he's just doing it for her... that she loves him just the way that he is. Snake-Eyes takes a moment to respond... drops his suitcase and reaches for Scarlett's hand. He then looks up at the sun and places his other hand on the rubber mask covering his face... he then looks over to another couple embracing each other. Scarlett holds Snake-Eyes close as she replies, "I understand... you want to be able to hold my hand and walk down the street and feel the sun shining down on your own face and not on a rubber mask... it doesn't seem like so much to ask for, does it?" They walk into the Bern Institute and are told by the nurse that Dr. Hundtkinder will see them shortly.

Back on Long Island, the Dreadnoks are following the ice cream truck carrying Clutch and Rock 'n Roll just as planned. As they drive along the expressway, the Dreadnoks notice a Tiger Sting (driven by Repeater and Roadblock) and a Tiger Cat (driven by Lady Jaye and Flint) are following them on a parallel service road. The Dreadnoks immediately open fire on the Joes. The Joes carefully engage the Dreadnoks with the knowledge that their fellow team members are being held in the ice cream truck.

In Switzerland, Dr. Hundtkinder removes Snake-Eyes' rubber mask and examines the extent of his injuries. He observes an old photograph taken of Snake-Eyes before the accident (revealing that his original face was very similar to the blonde-haired rubber mask that he wears). The doctor then asks Snake-Eyes to look into a mirror...and then says, "This is the last time you shall see your face in this condition!" A large headshot of Snake-Eyes' heavily-scarred face, mostly to left side, is revealed (for the very first time to readers). Dr. Hundtkinder schedules the first operation for the next morning.

On the expressway, smoke billows from the burning wreckage of the Tiger Sting; however, the Joe team has managed to stop and apprehend the Dreadnoks with no major injuries incurred. The Dreadnoks assume the position against the wall. Flint and Lady Jaye run to the van to free Clutch and Rock 'n Roll, but find that they will need a hacksaw to cut their handcuffs free. A Tomahawk (set up as a mobile communications center by Hawk and Dialtone) lands at the scene. Hawk yells, "Our informant was right!"Buzzer overhears Hawk and immediately accuses the Baroness as being the only person who could have been the informant. Buzzer also blames Zarana for picking a fight with the Baroness, but is immediately set right by Road Pig's fist ("Road Pig Doctrine of Zaranaic Infallibility"at work). Traffic has been stopped with the overturned van in the middle of the road and some drivers are growing irritable. One yuppie (driving an import convertible with a plate that reads "YUPI-1) begins calling the Joes "fascist pigs"for holding up traffic. Another driver claims, "We have a constitutional right to freedom of movement on the highway." The citizens begin to circle the Joes continuously screaming at them. The Joes circle up and leave the Dreadnoks alone. As one citizen pushes Lady Jaye Flint moves in to hit him. But Hawk calls him off. The Dreadnoks race away and get in the ice cream truck. Roadblock fires off his gun over the heads of the citizens, gives them a speech and then the Joes proceed to escape to the landing Tomahawk.

Zarana is driving the ice cream truck and calls the Baroness reporting in that she has escaped but she is put on hold.

The Baroness at the Cobra Consulate building receives a call from Dr. Hundtkinder, her plastic surgeon, he tells her that a patient has arrived whose surgery is being paid for by the government billed through Fort Wadsworth. He believes the soldier is a GI Joe and he faxes over a picture of Snake Eyes from twenty years ago before the accident that caused the facial damage. She looks at the picture as says "It's him. The one from Saigon. The assassin who murdered my brother!". She hangs up on him and picks up the phone to talk to Zarana. She is disappointed on the escape since she was hoping the Joes would actually capture her as a plan to get Clutch and Rock 'n' Roll back to the Joes. She hits a button.

Her back up plan has a bomb go off in the front of the van. Blowing up the front part as the Joes watch from above in the Tomahawk.