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Publisher: Marvel Comics
Issue Date: November 1989
Series: G.I. Joe A Real American Hero
Issue Number: 92

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A rescue mission is mounted for Shockwave, Recondo, and Lt Falcon who are being held in Sierra Gordo. Voltar sends in Cobra troops and Iron Grenadiers to Rio Lindo to attack the current leaders, El Jefe and Delbert Swinson. It just so happens that they are the ones also holding the Joes and October Guard members captive.

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Notes of Interest

Wraps up events started in Special Missions number 24 and 26.

Cobra and Joes refer to books to identify each others equipment.

First appearance of Rumbler, Backblast, Longe Range

Major Players

Joes: Cross Country, Long Range, Rumbler/Armadillo, Shockwave, Recondo, Lt. Falcon, Stalker, Muskrat, Repeater, Scoop, Backblast

Iron Grenadiers/Cobra: General Voltar

October Guard: Daina, Lt Dragonsky

Others: El Jefe, Delbert Swinson, El Presidente

Creative Team

Script: Larry Hama,
Pencils: Mark Bright,
Inks: Randy Emberlin,
Lettering: Rick Parker,
Coloring: Bob Sharen,
Editor: Bobbie Chase,
Editor in Chief: Tom DeFalco
Cover Artist: Andy Kubert

Full Details

A train chugs along inside Punta Del Mucosa near the Sierra Gordo border. The train and its cargo of a Thunderclap do not go unnoticed as it passes over a "fisherman" on a railway bridge. Riding on the train we find Cross Country, Long Range, and Rumbler playing a card game of old maid with El Presidente. They are traveling to a spot where they can demonstrate the Thunderclap for El Presidente. Cross Country spies a Cobra Condor which he identifies with a guide to Cobra equipment, flying overhead. The Condor reports his sighting to Voltar, who using a similar guide to Joe equipment assess the fact that the Thunderclap doesn't have the range to be any obstacle to his plans. He is more concerned with the NABM (North American Banana Monopoly)

Voltar orders his new allies of Cobra troops on a first wave of attacks on Rio Lindo, to usurp power from El Jefe and Delbert Swinson.

In the town of Rio Lindo FANG II helicopters are attacking the city. El Jefe and Delbert learn of the approaching Thunderclap from Horatio the fisherman on the bridge. The pair is holding Lt. Falcon, Shockwave, Recondo, Daina, and Lt. Dragonsky in a cell surrounded by crocodiles underneath their base of operations. Lt Falcon (hearing about the thunderclap) tells the two to give it up now and release them. Undaunted Swinson refuses and also plans to go ahead with the Miss Sierra Gordo pageant and parade.

Rolling down the street in a parade float is the Joe rescue team, Stalker, Muskrat, Repeater, Scoop and Backblast. They lie in wait as Voltar's troops attack and infiltrate the city.

Back at the train, Rumbler pulls the emergency cord and the train comes to a stop. They take the Thunderclap off the train for a little test drive. They travel over what El Presidente notes are the remains of a recently cleared rain forest.

Cobra's forces have pretty much taken over the town now; they are just passing the pageant parade. The large float speeds up headed straight to the building where the two leaders are at. The float facade tears apart revealing the vehicle underneath to the Cobra troops in the street. The Warthog crashes into the building and Delbert and El Jefe flee. As the Joes rescue everyone Muskrat begins to introduce himself to Daina when she tells him his real name. She knows all the Joes and all about them she has read all their dossiers. The Joes and Guard members head for the border of Punta Del Mucosa; they are closely followed by Voltar's troops.

Delbert and El Jefe fend off some crocodiles by the shoreline as Swinson orders a counterattack.

The Warthog leaves the road, where the Condor overhead cannot see them. The DEMONs are not far behind however.

Back at the Thunderclap, Rumbler, Cross Country, and Long Range are prepping the vehicle for a demonstration for El Presidente who questions the way the weapon is pointed.

The Condor descends as it searches with infrared for the Joes and October Guard members on the Warthog. He spots the group but it is too late Backblast has honed in on his heat signature and fires on the plane hitting it with his antiaircraft missile. Still not home free the Warthog presses on as the DEMONs pursue. As they pass the 15 km marker to Punta Del Mucosa, the Thunderclap fires. Scoop takes video as the DEMONS follow them towards the border. A large crater is formed when the shell from the Thunderclap hits directly in front of the DEMONs. Not willing to mess with that kind of firepower the DEMONs retreat. The damaged Cobra Condor, still in the air jettisons its damaged section. He heads off to finish off the Warthog full of Joes. But is too late they have crossed over the border now.

Back at the Thunderclap Long Range tries to convince El Presidente the DEMONs were attacking Punta Del Mucosa. The Warthog then pulls up as a skeptical general becomes even more suspicious of what is really happening. Stalker explains they were participating in the Miss Sierra Gordo pageant and parade when they discovered the plot to invade his country. He still doesn't believe them, so Scoop offers to show the tape of the pursuing DEMONs. Then Daina, wearing the Miss Sierra Gordo sash, jumps off the Warthog and kisses the leader on the cheek saying "how about a kiss from miss Sierra Gordo?"

Summary by Ted Jacobson