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#085 SFX



Publisher: Marvel Comics
Issue Date: April 1989
Series: G.I. Joe A Real American Hero
Issue Number: 85

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A San Francisco museum is the scene for an encounter between Jinx and the red ninjas. Zartan is chased all over San Francisco by Storm shadow and Jinx.

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Notes of Interest

A semi-silent issue with only sound effects.

Major Players

Joes: Storm Shadow, Jinx Cobra: Zartan, Red Ninjas

Creative Team

Script: Larry Hama,
Pencils: Paul Ryan,
Inks: Randy Emberlin,
Lettering: Rick Parker,
Coloring: Bob Sharen, Editor: Bobbie Chase,
Editor in Chief: Tom DeFalco
Cover Artist: Paul Ryan and Bob McLeod

Full Details

Jinx is at a museum, we see her carrying the paper from the previous issue under her arm. The Arashikage tattoo is visible on her other arm. A man in a cap with a beard and smoking a pipe sits reading a newspaper. Jinx sees an Arashikage sword on display. She immediately calls Storm Shadow at the martial arts academy. The man in the cap traces the call. He walks out and gives a signal as he does. Jinx's call is interrupted as she is attacked in the phone booth by what appear to be Samurai mannequins. Unarmed she heads for the sword, she bursts through the case sword in her arms.

A Cobra chopper waits outside. The man in the cap reveals himself to be Zartan. On board the chopper we see he is heading to Storm Shadow's address. Jinx takes out the three Samurai who are actually red ninjas. She flees on a motorcycle, the police on her tail.

Storm Shadow prepares himself donning his ninja gear. The chopper hovers over the roof and several red ninjas get out. They are wearing some sort of device around their necks. Storm Shadow attacks, he shoots an arrow hitting Zartan's pilot. The red ninjas attack. The chopper crash lands and a VW bus drives out of it. Zartan is in the sunroof bow in hand. Storm Shadow fights the ninjas even dispatching one by tossing his sword through a steel door. He moves to a dark room and the ninjas follow. They trip over a body. The body however is Storm Shadow under a red ninja cloak. Using the element of surprise he battles the other ninjas. He tears the device off one of the ninja's neck. In shock the ninja is shot by Zartan's bow and arrow. The sensors were supposed to let him distinguish who his men are.

Jinx pulls up with the police right behind her. Zartan, thinking he has killed Storm Shadow, takes off in the VW. Storm Shadow leaps several stories down to join Jinx on the bike and they pursue. Soon it's bow and arrow vs. bow and arrow through the city of San Francisco. Zartan shoots and hits Storm Shadow's arrows cutting them in two. He fires again and Storm Shadow catches the arrow in midair. Now armed again, Storm Shadow fires the arrow at the VW hitting the red ninja driving it. The bus careens off the Golden Gate Bridge into the Bay below. Storm Shadow and Jinx look on from the hole in the side of the bridge as bubbles rise to the surface; the police pull up behind them.

Summary by Ted Jacobson