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Publisher: Marvel Comics
Issue Date: February 1983
Series: G.I. Joe A Real American Hero
Issue Number: 8

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The Joes battle strange Cobra robots intent on shooting down the space shuttle.

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Notes of Interest

Shows Cobra Troops in some of their earliest uniforms, first and only ever sighting of the SEA Legs by Cobra, strange mechanical robots with two legs and a command platform.

Major Players

The Joes: Breaker, Clutch, Flash, Grand Slam, Grunt, Hawk, Rock 'n' Roll, Scarlett, Short-Fuse, Snake-Eyes, Stalker, Steeler, Zap

Cobra: Cobra Commander, Baroness.

Creative Team

Script and Art: Herb Trimpe
Letterer: Rick Parker,
Colorist: Christie Scheele,
Editor: Denny O'Neil,
Editor in chief: Jim Shooter.
Cover Artist: Mike Vosberg and Jack Abel

Full Details

Cobra Commander and the Baroness are enroute to the launch location of the Space Shuttle via boat that converts to a submarine. The boat picks up hostile aircraft on the radar and dives below. Elsewhere the Joe team (all of the original team members) is carrying out an undisclosed mission at an even further undisclosed location when Hawk rounds them up and instructs them to get ready for transport to Florida to the Kennedy Space Center to provide security for the new satellite that will be placed into orbit by the space shuttle. The hope is that the new satellite will provide the location and subsequently destroy the suspected underwater network of launch sites that it is believed Cobra is building.

Meanwhile the Cobra sub/ship enters an underwater command base, one of the bases that it is hoped that the satellite will find. Inside CC briefs his officers along with the Baroness about the superiority of his underwater bases and their military invincibility. He further extrapolates that there will soon be bases of this type all over the world threatening every nation on earth. CC explains that in two days they will test fire their first orbital missile and afterwards the satellites will be launched into orbit by the hundreds thus providing positioning for warheads to strike anywhere. CC's deranged delusions really show through when he even comments about taking the first step toward ruling the cosmos itself. The Baroness further explains that the undersea bases are too deep to be attacked from the surface and the laser shields are too sophisticated for detection by conventional means. She also states that the Americans are aware of the bases. CC reminds her that they are however in the dark about the location of the base, and the fact that he is aware that a satellite will be placed into orbit that would be able to locate the base. CC contends that Cobra will attack and destroy the space shuttle that will be carrying the satellite as well as the entire complex. Threatens troops with death even if the fail.

At the Kennedy Space Center, a transport plane is unloading GIJoe personnel and equipment. Some of the Joes joke about going to the beach and having fun. Later, Hawk gives a final briefing indicating the plan of defense. Hawk plans on an inner and outer ring around the shuttle. Inside the inner ring will be Zap, Short Fuze, Scarlett, Snake Eyes and Hawk. The outer ring will consist of a mobile defense unit and will be comprised of Steeler and Grunt in the MOBAT Tank towing the missile launcher (which I believe would be the MMS, however only a glimpse is shown. Rock N Roll will be riding "his bike" which is the RAM cycle. Clutch and 'Ranger' will be in the VAMP towing the laser cannon (HAL) with Grand Slam. Hawk referred to Stalker as the 'Ranger' a few times, which is his title, but later, calls him by his codename, Stalker. Hawk places Stalker in command of the outer ring. Flash and Breaker will be riding with the shuttle for the launch.

The next morning at 0100 hours the shuttle moves along with the gantry on the platform into position for launch. Some of the Joes joke about the pace the shuttle is moving at. At 0700 hours Flash, Breaker and two astronauts board the shuttle for launch, when Stalker breaks in over the radio and calls a red alert indicating to Hawk that Cobra has arrived in force and is attempting a water front landing. At the waterfront, numerous Cobra S.E.A Legs attack craft begin moving along the swamp front at the space center. One of the S.E.A Legs indicates over the radio to CC that they are encountering units that appear to be from GIJoe. CC orders all to be destroyed. Stalker tells Hawk that they are caught in the open and must "advance to the rear". Grand Slam manages to shoot down one of the S.E.A Legs before he jumps to safety as the HAL is destroyed. The Joes begin their retreat with the VAMP and Stalker using the JUMP Jet Pack. CC and the Baroness watch the whole thing from a submarine surfaced outside the skirmish. CC seems to become overconfident with the attack as the Joes retreat and is scolded by the Baroness who alludes to past defeats at the hands of the Joe team. CC refuses to rationalize and continues on with his premature victorious rantings. The VAMP meets up with the MOBAT and Clutch asks Steeler and Grunt where the heck Rock N Roll is. The Joes attempt to hide in the tall grass as the MMS is destroyed as Cobra closes in on them. Steeler immediately swings around the MOBAT and takes out one of the S.E.A Legs, then another. Stalker using the JUMP Jet Pack flies up and drops a grenade in the exhaust vent of one of the S.E.A Legs machines as Steeler destroys another one. Rock N Roll eventually shows up with the RAM cycle and destroys yet another S.E.A Leg machine, commenting about his lateness saying he made a wrong turn at the last alligator. CC then orders a unit of armor to move forward. Stalker tells Hawk on the radio about the armor and requests reinforcements. Hawk replies to Stalker telling him that he sees what's going on and has deployed the rest of the team. Simultaneously a land torpedo is fired from one of the Cobra armored units destroying the MOBAT ability to drive. The Joes retaliate with the MOBAT utilizing the still capable front cannon and begin to fire on the Cobra armor units. At the same time, Zap and Short Fuze begin firing on the armored units with mortar rounds and bazooka shells. Scarlett appears and dumps a satchel charge into one of the Cobra tanks completely destroying it, while Snake Eyes descends on a Cobra Trooper who is spotting the advancement of the troops, when he is "silently" taken out by Snake Eyes. Baroness, excited, states to CC that the Joes have won, CC not being deterred in the least, fires a wire guided missile at the shuttle itself which is subsequently destroyed. The shuttle begins its liftoff. CC comments about at least there was one Joe burned in the explosion of the missile in close proximity to the shuttle, however, Hawk ducked into a blast shelter and requests a pickup from the rescue chopper. Flash comments to Breaker about the "ride" on their way up into space. Baroness and CC dive into the water with the helicopter commenting that Cobra is indeed still on the attack.

Aboard the rescue chopper Stalker informs Hawk about a large "blip" on the radar screen, when Hawk responds right back with having a visual on the now surfaced Cobra underwater base. The Joes land the helicopter on top of the base and board the base. Just then CC over a loud speaker greets the Joes telling them that he has launched a missile that will destroy their satellite.

Up in space repairing the satellite, Breaker and Flash receive a warning from Hawk. Breaker flies away from the satellite towards the oncoming he gets in the path of the missile and as it passes him he pushes the missile off course missing the satellite and shuttle.

Off the coast of Florida, the Joe team is fighting Cobra on their sea base, Short Fuse blows up a tower, Grand Slam is injured and they capture a large group of Cobras. Under the base, Cobra commander and the Baroness escape as the base countdown begins. The Joes jump off into in the sea the captured Cobra soldiers chose to remain behind as the base explodes. They watch Cobra Commander fly off as they paddle to shore in inflatable rafts they are in. All are happy they survived but amazed at Cobra Commander's escape abilities.


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