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Publisher: Marvel Comics
Issue Date: Late October 1988
Series: G.I. Joe A Real American Hero
Issue Number: 78

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Hawk and General Hollingsworth are being held in a psychiatric hospital. A small group of Joes, along with Dr. Adele Burkhart, make a public entrance to the hospital. The security people start a fire fight that ends with Destro stepping in to foil General Malthus' plans to frame GI Joe for the invasion of Cobra Island.

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Notes of Interest

Dr. Adele Burkhart is on the Joe's side. Introduction of Senator Hegel. General Malthus and Senator Hegel are discovered to be frauds

Major Players

The Joes: Grunt, Billy, Jinx, Roadblock, Rock 'n' Roll, Storm Shadow

Additional Joe Characters: Cover Girl, Bazooka, Barbecue, Dusty, Flash, Snow Job, Steeler, Wet Suit, Zap

Iron Grenadiers: Destro, Baroness

Additional Characters: Dr. Adele Burkhart, General Hollingsworth, Grunt's girlfriend Lola, The Jugglers: General Malthus, Senator Hegel

Creative Team

Script: Larry Hama
Pencils: Rod Whigham
Inks: Fred Fredericks
Colors: Bob Sharen
Lettering: Rick Parker
Editor: Bobbie Chase
Editor in Chief: Tom DeFalco

Full Details

At Dulles Airport in Washington DC, Storm Shadow, Jinx and Billy are being arrested by the DOA (Domestic Operation Agency). As they are escorted to the car, Rock 'n' Roll drives up in yellow car with red flames. The ninjas easily slip out of their cuffs and disarm the agents before jumping into Rock 'n' Roll's car. In order to lose the agents following him he drives the car into a car wash, where it washes off the yellow paint, leaving it as a green US Army car.

Later at Dr. Adele Burkhart's house, several of the Joes have collected including Roadblock, Jinx, Billy, Storm Shadow, Rock 'n' Roll, Grunt, and Grunt's girlfriend Lola. Additional Joes show up in a telephone truck, those are Bazooka, Barbecue, Flash, Wet Suit, Snow Job, Steeler and Zap with Cover Girl and Dusty in the driver's cab.

Destro and the Baroness leave his cruise ship bound for Washington DC.

Senator Hegel is complaining to General Malthus about how ineffective he has been in arresting the last remaining Joes. They talk about how free and clear they are of the Cobra Island debacle, and that the supplies for the mission were contracted through outside channels. Their plan is to blame everything on Hawk and General Hollingsworth.

Malthus and Hegel have a news conference were they put the complete blame on the Joes.

At the psychiatric hospital, where Hollingsworth and Hawk are being held, the Joe team has arrived. The ninjas quickly take out the agents at the front door. As the rest of the Joes spread out, Dr. Adele Burkhart and Roadblock stand in front of the news cameras and ask to see Hawk and Hollingsworth, she believes that there civil rights are being violated and wants to hear their statement of defense. The DOA agents, dressed as doctors and nurses, are trying to stop the news cameras. One of the agents gets antsy and starts firing into the crowd gathered around the Joe team. Several Joes are hit, but Burkhart refuses to duck from the bullets flying around her, but Roadblock tackles her before she can be shot.

Upstairs, Hawk and Hollingsworth hear the gunfire and attack there guards. They are able to arm themselves and then hold up in the corner of their room. General Malthus desperate to take advantage of the situation and kill Hawk, throws a grenade into the room, Hawk and Hollingsworth cover themselves with a bed. The situation calms down as everybody waits to see if Hawk and Hollingsworth survive.

As the news cameras roll, Destro makes an entrance to personally hand General Malthus his receipt for the supplies that he bought from M.A.R.S. These are the supplies that the GI Joe team used during the recent invasion of Cobra Island.

Hawk and Hollingsworth having survived the grenade attack are cleared and released.

Destro was personally offended by the actions of the Generals and he respects Hawk to much to see the US Government turn on him.

Summary by Josh Eggebeen


The Mark Jeweler jewelry insert was released in many Marvel comics throughout the late 1970s til the late 1990s. What is pictured here is the actual insert included in Marvel #78. To read about the history of the Mark Jeweler insert follow the link - Marvel Mark Jewelers Inserts Part 4 - Marvel Mark Jewelers Inserts - The Colored End of an Era - October 1986 - July 1991