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Publisher: Marvel Comics
Issue Date: May 1988
Series: G.I. Joe A Real American Hero
Issue Number: 71

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The Joe team, Dreadnoks and refugees make their way across Sierra Gordo headed for the capital Rio Lindo. Destro and El Jefe have captured Gen. Villavaca and go to find Chip Goodfellow. The Joes, the Dreadnoks, Destro and Chip Goodfellow all come to a seaplane, where the Joes and Dreadnoks escape with Chip Goodfellow on board.

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Notes of Interest

Death of General Villavaca and Chip Goodfellow

Major Players

The Joes: Hawk, Psyche-Out, Maverick, Roadblock, Sneak Peak, Wild Bill
Iron Grenadiers: Destro, Sergeant Major
Dreadnoks: Zarana, Thrasher, Monkeywrench
Additional Characters: Ambassador Winthrop, Chip Goodfellow (deceased), General Villavaca (deceased), Captain Perez (deceased), Counter Revolutionary El Jefe , Refugee Hidalgo, Bob (NABM pilot)

Creative Team

Script: Larry Hama,
Breakdowns: Ron Wagner,
Finishes: Randy Emberlin ,
Colors: Bob Sharen, Lettering: Joe Rosen,
Editor: Bob Harras,
Editor in Chief: Tom DeFalco
Cover Artist: Bob McLeod and Ron Wagner

Full Details

Dreadnoks Zarana, Monkeywrench and Thrasher with Joes Wild Bill, Crazylegs and Maverick along with a group of Sierra Gordo refugees, have all just survived a plane crash that has left them in the middle of the jungle. Thrasher has several injuries including a broken arm, broken nose and has been knocked out by Crazylegs.

General Villavaca has diverted his troops away from the capital to seal the border and hunt for the Joes. Some of these soldiers are in a bus headed towards the crashed plane. Zarana along with Monkeywrench and the unconscious Thrasher, are disguised as refugees and accepted onto the bus. Once sitting Zarana wakes up Thrasher and hits his broken arm, pissing him off, he then proceeds to beat up 20 soldiers with an entrenching tool. They gain control of the bus and in order to stop Thrasher Zarana simply knocks him out again.

At the office of the North American Banana Monopoly (N.A.B..M.), Chip Goodfellow tells General Villavaca that since Ambassador Winthrop escaped with the secret files they are both going to be in big trouble, so he should loot the treasury and escape to Switzerland. Chip Goodfellow then calls Bob, the company's seaplane pilot, to make sure it is prepped to fly, all this is done as he is stuffing stacks of Sierra Gordo's money into a case.

Gen. Villavaca arrives at the Treasury and Destro, Sergeant Major and El Jefe, the leader of the Counter-Revolutionary are waiting for him. Destro cuts a deal with Villavaca, requiring him to take Destro to Goodfellow, who is about to escape with most the countries money.

As the bus with the Joes, Dreadnoks and refugees enters the city, they bust through an army roadblock which leads to a street chase and gunfight. In order to find an escape Wild Bill suggests heading to the port. In the jeep chasing the bus is Captain Perez.

The bus is speeding into a very busy intersection. And coming from the other direction is General Villavaca with Destro, Sergeant Major and El Jefe altogether. A collision between Gen. Villivaca's and Captain Perez's jeeps happen, leaving Perez mortally wounded. As the dying Perez sees Villavaca in the jeep with the counter-revolutionary leader El Jefe, he calls him a traitor and kills him just before dying. The bus is able to escape.

At the port, Bob the pilot is finishing inspecting the seaplane. Chip Goodfellow has already gotten on board. The bus arrives at the dock and all the refugees, Joes and Dreadnoks pile onboard, and Maverick takes off. Destro arriving to late sees the plane take off with Sierra Gordo's money.

Inside the plane, Thrasher is still angry and wants to open a window to help him breathe better. Chip Goodfellow comes out and holds all of them at gun point. Thrasher really annoyed now, pushes Goodfellow out the door of the plane, himself falling out but hanging on with his one good hand. As Goodfellow and all the money falls into the ocean, Crazylegs pulls Thrasher back into the plane.

Summary by Josh Eggebeen