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Publisher: Marvel Comics
Issue Date: April 1988
Series: G.I. Joe A Real American Hero
Issue Number: 70

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Wild Bill, Maverick, and Crazylegs, along with Zarana, Monkeywrench and Thrasher, crash land a plane full of refugees in Sierra Gordo. Destro is playing both sides of the Sierra Gordo civil war. Hawk is on the Counter Revolutionary side of El Jefe, which Destro also cuts a deal with.

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Notes of Interest

Major Players

The Joes: Hawk, Psyche-Out, Maverick, Roadblock, Sneak Peak, Wild Bill

Iron Grenadiers: Destro, Sergeant Major

Dreadnoks: Zarana, Thrasher, Monkeywrench

Additional Characters: Ambassador Winthrop, Chip Goodfellow, General Villavaca, Lieutenant Montoya, Counter Revolutionary El Jefe, Refugees Migelito and Hidalgo

Creative Team

Script: Larry Hama,
Breakdowns: Ron Wagner,
Finishes: Randy Emberlin ,
Colors: Bob Sharen,
Lettering: Joe Rosen,
Editor: Bob Harras,
Editor in Chief: Tom DeFalco
Cover Artist: Ron Wagner and Bob McLeod

Full Details

Wild Bill and Maverick are crashing a much damaged transport plane. The plane is filled with Sierra Gordo refugees, along with Dreadnoks Zarana, Monkeywrench, Thrasher and his Thunder Machine. In the back of the plane, Crazylegs makes a very dramatic rescue of a little boy named Migelito just as the Thunder Machine comes crashing into the bulkhead of the plane. The plane finally crashes into jungle.

Once Crazylegs helps the refugees exit the now burning plane. He checks the cockpit, where Wild Bill, Maverick, Zarana and Monkeywrench are relatively unhurt but Thrasher has been knocked out when his face was smashed into the instrument panel. All are cleared from the plane just as it blows up.

In the capitol of Sierra Gordo, Rio Lindo, Destro and Sergeant Major are meeting with General Villavaca and Chip Goodfellow. Villavaca wants Destro to find and kill US Ambassador Winthrop, who has escaped into the jungles with Hawk and Counter Revolutionary leader El Jefe. Winthrop has top secret, very incrementing files about the North American Banana Monopoly, Gen. Villavaca and Chip Goodfellow. Goodfellow then proceeds to pay Destro in cash a down payment to hunt them down in his helicopter.

In the jungle, Hawk's group comes up to a small compound. Inside the compound is a guide that will escort them, along with Winthrop, to the border. They sneak into the compound but just as they are about to attack Winthrop trips and gives their position away. A firefight erupts on the spot, Winthrop and several of the counter revolutionary soldiers are shot. Roadblock opens up with his .50 cal clearing out the main building housing the Sierra Gordo military force.

Hawk and his small force hold up in this the compound as Villavaca's forces surround it. General Villavaca forces Lieutenant Montaya to order his men to cross the open ground between his cover and Hawk's controlled compound. Roadblock, Psyche-Out, Hawk, El Jefe and many of the counter revolutionary soldiers open fire killing many of the soldiers as they charge across the open ground..

Destro arrives in his helicopter, Hawk is expecting to get blown up, when Destro starts firing on Villavaca's men. After Destro lands he cuts a deal with El Jefe. The deal is Destro will help put El Jefe in charge of Sierra Gordo, plus supply him weapons, in return he will then nationalize the North American Banana Monopoly Company, and put Destro's company in charge of running it. Hawk and Ambassador Winthrop can stand by and do nothing as the deal is made.

Hawk and Winthrop escape with the secret files as Destro and El Jefe head into the capitol to find Gen. Villavaca.

Summary by Josh Eggebeen