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Publisher: Marvel Comics
Issue Date: January 1983
Series: G.I. Joe A Real American Hero
Issue Number: 7

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Cobra has captured both the Joe and October Guard teams as well as the spy plane parts they are fighting over. Both teams escape and form a pact to recapture the plane parts from Cobra. They invade a Cobra bunker, and survive several traps. Both teams meet at the RTV that is holding the parts inside the bunker, and the Joe team is able to escape from Cobra and the October Guard with the RTV. Once they reach the extraction point, they learn that they had been decoys and the spy plane parts where taken out another way.

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Notes of Interest

First multi issue story. (Part 2)

Major Players

The Joes - Breaker, Clutch, Flash, Scarlett, Stalker, Steeler
Additional Joe Appearances: Hawk

October Guard - Colonel Brekhov, Horror Show, Diana, Stormavik, Schrage

Cobra - Cobra Commander

Creative Team

Scripter: Larry Hama,
Plot & Penciler: Herb Trimpe,
Inks: Chic Stone,
Letterer: Jim Novak,
Colorist: Christie Scheele,
Editor: Denny O'Neil,
Editor in Chief: Jim Shooter
Cover Artist: Herb Trimpe and Chic Stone

Full Details

In Afghanistan, the captured Joe team, of Steeler, Breaker, Flash, Stalker, Scarlett & Clutch, and the October Guard, of Colonel Brekhov, Horror Show, Diana, and Stormavik & Schrage has just lost the Russian spy plane parts they have been fighting and transporting over to Cobra Commander. Cobra had the spy plane parts location leaked to them by Hawk.

The teams take out the Cobra troopers that were left behind to kill them. Scarlett reminds them of the orders that if they lose the cargo then they should let it go and call for extraction. Stalker counteracts those orders and says they are going after the spy plane parts. They then form a pact with the October Guard to get the spy planes parts back.

The October Guard and the Joe team then follow a locater transmitter that is on the RTV (Rough Terrain Vehicle) which is carrying the spy plane parts. The transmitter leads them into Iran, where they discover a large Cobra bunker. The teams divide to invade the bunker. One team of Breaker, Steeler & Schrage will enter from the roof. The rest of the Joe team attacks from north leaving the October Guard to advance from the south. Clutch stays behind to protect their get away.

Each group faces its own challenges getting into the bunker; the team on the roof gets electrocuted. The Joe team of Flash, Stalker & Scarlett overcomes several traps on the way into the bunker. Stalker receives a message from Clutch that something has happened to Breaker, and Clutch's message is cut off in mid-sentence when a Cobra trooper attacks him. Stalker, Scarlett & Flash finally reach the hanger that holds the RTV. And the October Guard has already beaten them there; they had held a Cobra soldier hostage and gained access that way. Cobra Commander gets the drop on both teams, again. But this time Clutch, who had disguised himself as a Cobra trooper and gained access, is standing next to Cobra Commander. Clutch hits Cobra Commander over the head, and holds him hostage as the Joe team takes back the RTV.

In order to prevent the Joes from escaping Colonel Brekhov shoots Cobra Commander, who turns out to be a decoy. A major fight between all sides breaks out giving the Joe's the advantage in getting to their vehicles and escaping.

After making there way to Karachi, Pakistan, they met up with Hawk. Hawk informs them that the box they were hauling was scrap metal and not the spy plane parts they thought. The Joe team had been a decoy set up to distract both the October Guard and Cobra from the real extraction of the spy plane parts. Mission accomplished.

Summary by Josh Eggebeen